Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am feeling the full moon's pull and anticipation...

I had a full house today and continued collecting my supplies for the presentation tomorrow morning with the board members. Ken is in bed and asleep so I will add my photos tomorrow morning...we played with valentine owls ..."Hoot do you Love?" We added feathers and funny hearts ....and just has a great time enjoying the moments together. I think the full moon has everyone jazzed with anticipation and excitement.

I have a box of examples ready and the samples of fabric to share. I started a new sketch book to compile my thoughts and inspirations as I create a lesson plan to explore the development of each panel that will be 3 to 4 yards long and about 58 inches wide. I have fiber reactive dyes and their recipes or formulas. I have the Seta colors of transparent paints that simultaneously can be employed for sun prints. This is a lesson that could easily be used in demonstrations when visitors arrive at my workspace provided by the arboretum. I need to check if the washer and dryer will be adequate and make arrangements to set up the space as soon as next week. I need to organize the space to allow for three long work tables and order the extra wide plastic rolls to protect the space and work floor. I do not have all the answers and a lot of questions ....but not knowing is the risk i am willing to take. I have the screen printing work table to set up and maybe make arrangements for an indoor clean clothes line.

I have made contact with Christo ...the artist and wife team who installed The Gates Installation in Central park in New York city a few years back. I was surprised to discover their orange panels were actually made of orange vinyl and they were produced in Germany. It has been reported that this public art installation costs 21 million dollars...mind blowing amount of money for this very short exhibition. I will have to research if there was an admission costs ....and who and how much did the insurance costs for the vandalized panels during the time span. I am learning soooo much and still have a lot to learn. have a wonderful evening and I will post my responses and outcomes tomorrow night. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sounds exciting. I can hear the anticipation in your voice!!! xox

  2. Hi dear friend.....You are always busy, busy!
    I keep forgetting to ask if you received my ornament I sent you...I had done the address wring but I resent it..I hope you did...I love the gates exhibit! That's awesome you connected with them!
    Love to you!

  3. I will need every affirmation I can muster up to complete this you want to come? I love the ornament...sweet soft affirmations. You bless me! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart