Monday, February 6, 2012

being mindful.... happy 31 to Tina!!!

I stayed in bed yesterday...I am really struggling to fight off Ken's terrible cold. He is still no better and today is supposed to call in for more medical assistance...stronger antibiotics. Ken's mother is now home with Vicki, her youngest daughter in Florida.... from the hospital. Our hearts have been is so hard to be far away from those we love the most when they are frail and delicate. Yesterday was Tina's 31 st birthday and i had wanted to go see a movie..."The Lady in Black" and then have a great dinner together. She did not want to see a scary movie... and I was under the weather so I will have to recharge my batteries and re-schedule our plans. Sleeping filled my day with unusual dreams...I subconsciously dream of the way of the trees outside my windows. Sunshine and gentle breezes ...could this really be February in Ohio? My journal is growing with inspirations and the processes I am working on in preparation for this week's proposal. I am liking the message of my dreams and readings... I do feel I am building up my energies and feeling more empowered. For five months my home studio will share my time with the on the spot location ...for development and processes before I work out the installation steps. I am not a real football addict...I still do not understand this game but last night was a pretty thrilling game. Madonna proved at 53 she still has a lot to give...I missed the controversial hand signal ...but all in all I enjoyed her contribution to the ritual of Super Bowl! Now I am off to work. I hope to be back later tonight. Peace be with you. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you and Ken are sick. I hope you both feel much better soon. And it is so hard to be far away from loved ones when they're not feeling well. I was going to go see Woman in Black, even though I normally don't go see scary movies. :) The new work sounds really interesting! Rest up and feel better! xoxo

  2. te deseo una pronta mejoria,por italia también estamos pasando un frio siberiano que nos tiene mal.te felicito por tus bellos trabajos,un abrazo.

  3. Something is surely going around. I cringed every time I heard somebody cough or sneeze on the plane. Sleep, dream, record said dreams, sleep some more and drink lots of juice. :)Bea the almost a doctor in another life.