Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday with sunshine and warm temperatures...

I went into the studio....and enjoyed the quiet peace of a Monday after lunch... as I reread a favorite book from 1973 ....May Sarton's ____Journal of Solitude. She is a wonderful poet and uses her decisive choice of words to create a quiet place to retreat in serenity. Funny I enjoyed this book even more than I remembered ... her words, her descriptions of the familiar... her working in the garden with her flowers and vegetables....embracing the subtle changes in the seasons in her New England home. Inow am taping the pages into the spine of this yellowed and cherished book. I felt as if I had just renewed a special friendship with an old golden friend and her kind gentle words.

Ironically I found my old passport this morning...and on this date in 1993...February 6... I had made my first international 23 1/2 hour flight to Australia. I tried to take a photo of my photo from 19 years ago ... but I was too close and they were blurry. Just holding the passport that changed my life ...I was overwhelmed with the realization of how privileged I have been to see this beautiful island country of indigenous peoples and the splendor of a South Pacific life. I need to locate my journal from this trip and my multitude of photos and memorabilia from this trip that totally empowered me and changed my life for the best.

I went to pick up a few more items and research for hand dyes and snow dyes ...if we ever get some reasonable snow fall in the near future I want to play in the snow in an artistic way. I found some new brushes to add to the selection of tools to employ when I begin adding the painting strokes. Natural bristles are highly desirable yet they are quite expensive. I am blending the synthetic with the natural brushes ...I will have to experiment with the effects of each brushes capabilities on smaller pieces of treated fabrics.

Ken and I enjoyed baked chicken with a noodle casserole dinner ...I added a salad for good health. We each had blackberry pie for the antioxidants ...LOL to help us both heal from our sniffles and coughs. I hope you have had a great day in your studios! Blessings to you all, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I love witnessing silent companionship. A mother deer with her twin does greeted me in the morning sunshine. Her babies have grown quite strong with this mild winter season's weather. This afternoon I witnessed a well seasoned couple who have been together for many many years....comfortable in the afternoon sunshine over a cup of coffee and sharing a sandwich.

I did a quick portrait sketch in is not very good but there are parts I do like so far. The eyes are too Zombie like for me....yuck!!


  1. I love the words of May Sarton- a wonderful feeling of home and reflections. It is funny where our moods take us in our art expressions. Light and dark ( a little bit like the weather lately) it is a transitional time. Thanks for your lovely comments Mary Helen!

  2. Sounds like you both are doing much better. I'm glad. The deer look beautiful.
    I will have to check into getting that book. Always looking for good books.

  3. May Sarton offers a quiet moment for all creative people to stop for a moment in their days and really see the world around them....the small miracles and details we often over look when our schedules become too hectic. I wish you blessings. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. I think the portrait rocks! What a face, what living has taken place here. I love May Sarton too, many of her words resonate...xox Corrine