Thursday, February 23, 2012

The snow may return tomorrow as temperatures drop...

Thank you all for your warm reception of Miss Roxie! She has had a really great day today and now has a special collection of her own toys. she even went to the door to let me know...she needed to go out! Rosie is still my queen and the two of them are playing and getting along swimmingly! They chase...jump...hide and seek.. and now respect each others feeding areas and their sleeping quarters.

I had lunch with a great friend who shared my zeal for a prayer page that I am creating ... this couple is uniting two families...slowly and patiently allowing differences and strengths each family will bring in this union. I have been collecting vintage mother of pearl buttons and laces to add a sense of sacred reliquary quality. After she left I went in to the studio to put the ATC's scraps into some kind of order. I worked quietly completing a few more ATCs with the bits and this allowed my mind to wonder as I know I have another bolt of cotton to cut and wash. I will be meeting with Laura at Dawes on Monday to sign the finalized proposal and walk the course of the installation. In the winter I can actually evaluate the trees for their individual shapes and limb placement .... I am hoping the weather will sparkle and be light filled so I can get the energy from the specific locations. I also want to share some of the grommets and leather strapping I have researched for the installation. Jerry's Artarama in North Carolina has been very helpful with my somewhat unusual questions ...they have asked some pretty good questions that i might not have thought of before the multiple processes I hope to use in this enormous project. I have to remind myself day at a time!

I delivered ken world famous homemade fudge to a dear friend Mary who is now 92 years young! We spent an hour just catching up while Roxie slept in my arms near my neck. Mary's cat Bennie came downstairs from his nap time to say hello and have a cat snack! I came home and did another load of laundry.... and prepared to add some of the newest cuts readied for their wash and soak cycle. I hope you have had a wondrous day...isn't wondrous a great word??? May all our days be filled with a child's or even a puppy's sense of wonder!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. No one succeeds alone and my dear supporter Doris Carlson brought in a wonderful box of art stuff...and there is a wonderful children's poetry book with incredible illustrations...the cover is missing so I have no idea how old it is but I fell in love with the illustrations! Doesn't little Roxie look like a baby wolf???


  1. Oh my goodness!! What a cute little thing!! Super cute doggy ♥
    The illustrations are beautiful

  2. Little Roxie is a doll. And, she seems to be so at home, already. And, I'm so glad Rosie is happy to have her in her life, too. She has such an expressive face!

  3. Lots going on for you and that's always a good thing in my book. Very interesting post and look forward to find out more about all your projects.