Monday, July 8, 2013

Uncommon Threads...a great review of 2013 Quilt National....

Mixed mediums........... Uncommon Threads. a review by Margaret Quamme for the Columbus Dispatch in the ARTS & Life  section for July 7,2013....sorry but you will have to Google this wonderful review....I will explain.

This morning Ken and I went to see our favorite eye doctor Dr. Henry!  I knew I was having some major difficulty with my vision... especially in the left eye.  Well to make a long story ...short.  My cataracts are ready to be removed...I have an appointment with the specialist on Thursday morning.  I could not see anything after the dilation in the left eye... and even  now hours later ...I still can not focus worth a darn.  Lord if this is a test ...well I am drowning... still afloat but getting a bit tired of this journey with so many doctors.  I understand with competent hands there has been a great deal of improvement if this specific procedure...but darn I really do not want another trial and tribulation right now.  When I came home I did what all artists who are hitting a frustration wall do...I watched my favorite 1970's move M.A.S.H.  It still holds true after all of the years ...and was a great distraction. 

Tomorrow I am teaching with my ADD adults at Dawes Arboretum ...I have most of the materials ready to go...except I need to seek and find the pre-cut watercolor papers so I can stamp with the Stazon ink pad we can play with watercolors and crayons once again.  "Dragonflies"  and green ferns and plants will be our is too wet to go outside so while we work in the greenhouse...I will have as much ready to go for my students. 

Forgive me for my trials and tribulations Monday! Tomorrow will get better because we have a plan!  Does this sound like I am trying to convince my self???  Well............  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


here is a copy from the Columbus Dispatch  ....congratulations Mary Ann Tipple....

I received my new embellishment book from Amazon...It will be great to be able to read and make new stitches and embellishments....soon real soon!

maybe this would be the day to experiment with Painting Intuitively.........I am smiling now.


  1. Doing anything intuitively makes me smile, and the time passes so quickly when lost in that activity. Enjoy!

  2. PS...I'm getting there too with cataract formation. Sounds awful, but everyone who has dealt with this says its a piece of cake. You go girl!

  3. A plan is a good thing, even if it's flexible.....xox

  4. Mary Helen, I am sorry to hear about your eyes, but I'm sure the surgery will be fine, and you'll be back in fighting form before you know it. Thank goodness for movies, right? Stories and art. Art and stories. They save our bacon. :)) xox!

  5. Thank you all for your encouragement...I have to admit I am more than a bit nervous about having surgery on my eyes... it sounds tricky to me but I do know it is necessary. II may be in and out of blog communication...I really have no idea what the recovery time will be. It is our 19TH day of rain here...dreary gray stormy skies...this sounds like something out of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Peace be with you all, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Mary Helen, the cataract surgery is not too bad. I had one done a week ago. Wow, the difference! I spend time closing one eye and then the other checking the color difference. Good luck with yours. My next one is July 30 can't wait till they are both finished.

  7. Oh Mary Helen. I could just cry thinking about all that you have had to go through lately.
    I would be terrified if I had to have surgery on my eyes, but I have ONLY heard GOOD things about such surgery. In fact I have heard that EVERYONE was so happy afterwards. I am sure you will sail through this without a problem. But know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Life does suck sometimes but I guess that just makes us appreciate the GOOD that much more. You made me laugh about MASH, I also LOVE that show and it never gets old. Take care my friend. XOXOXOXO - Cindi