Thursday, July 4, 2013

A day for gratitude...........

Yes there were parades and fireworks....and the families came together to celebrate with Summer FUN and delicious foods to taste and relish.  We had another day of rain almost all we went to see The lone Ranger with my friend Johnny Depp.  In the dark...holding hands...sharing blow pops...and giggling at the whimsical humor in this particular movie.  We left with smiles on our faces...and repeating some of the movie quips to each other.  No it is not high ART but Johnny Depp has a way with his expressive eyes...that will just make all of us forget our worries and cares for a couple hours.

But today is a day to show gratitude to those who served and those who supported them here on the home front.  ken and I both have brothers who have served and returned home safely but no one can give them back their time in danger and unknown fears that haunt them now.  Tonight I am thinking about a Black Hawk pilot named Natasha Wortman.  A young optimist woman who has faced dangers many can never even dream of.  Her tours away ...the war torn countries...her witnessing the children living in war... Natasha is one of my women of courage. Know that we appreciate all you have given and we as a community have grown stronger because of your service and dedication.  Be safe...come home soon and I want to include your story in my next exhibit in March 2014 at the Nazarene University up in Mount Vernon.  You humble me with your strength and passion for life.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
I could not find my favorite photo of Natasha...I will search tomorrow and try to remember to post her tomorrow.  I can not remember who this Comanche chief was...but Johnny Depp was inspired by this famous portrait.  He did him justice!  Happy 4TH of July!!!


  1. Happy belated 4th Mary Helen, spent mine inside with scaredy dogs but it was so hot here it was okay. I did a bit of sewing...xox

  2. I am back blogging searching out all the blogs I follow!! Wondering why they called this movie The Lone Ranger, when it is really all about Tonto!! Can you believe Johnny Depp just turned 50!!!!