Saturday, June 1, 2013

the last day of this school year.....

On Thursday I attended the end of the year field day picnic at Cherry valley.  I know I was not really in the "happy" mood yet...but the little ones were waiting for me.  The school was filled with giggles and excitement ...hugs and messages for a happy happy summer vacation.  We were treated to a D-Jay and plenty of Taylor Swift lyrics... hot dogs and chips with a sweet Moon Pie dessert and iced cold water.  It was a hot and humid day....but the joy in the celebration seemed to make everything cool and joyful!!!!!!!!!

a new baby girl is here...her cousin is excited to be helping her aunt...
 Mom and dad are a bit tired but so happy to have the girls all happy and healthy!

 Sabrina Leigh is ready for the summer vacation ...with her Mom on the last day.....
 the music was rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hannah is now going into the third grade...............and her teeth are coming in fine!!
 Momma and baby  girl ...she wants to grow up so she reminds us frequently that she is in the third grade!
 When can we use the bubbles????
 Sabrina gets her cast off next week and begins therapy...with her friend Jaden!
 I am going to miss these special moments when they make the move to South Carolina..........
 Yes I am ready to have a swim date!!!!!!!!
 Hannah took a great photo with my baby girl!
 Farewell to a wonderful year and a great principal!

 Summer time is lemonade time!
 Maya Rose is officially taller than her mother at the age of 13!
 summer hair....we all know pulling our hair back is the only real solution............
 Yahoo for Maya Rose....thank you for all of your hard work!
 I think she is growing up too quickly for my heart..........
 Maya Rose is calling her grandpa to share her award.........
 Mr. Domino is ready for a real cool summer break!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for allowing me to share their they are growing up...there are sometimes limits on how many photos I can take. 

Sometimes ......
the best way to remain sane
is to LOVE like crazy!
This works for me!!
Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. A post filled with love! The girls are growing into beautiful girls and young women. They get their beauty from Momma and Grandma...beautiful inside and out. (Tell Grandpa he's beautiful too!) My love, prayers,and thoughts to all, Vickie

  2. Beautiful end of year. Can't comment long, blogger won't let me. Can you turn off the duplication of words? Might help.

  3. Great statement, to keep sane, love like crazy! I love it! :) Loved seeing your smile Mary Helen.