Tuesday, June 25, 2013

hot...humid...and hazy.... and I am in the middle of my move...Happy Birthday (60TH) Michael

 I am addicted ...are you?  I say... out loud... I want to simplify my paper trail ... and make some thoughtful eliminations.................but I still can not let go of some of my magazine addictions...Cloth -Paper - Scissors is coming with me..... Lord help me!!!!
 Now one addiction can lead to another...are these terminal??? I love "Stuffed"  "Studios" and of course Somerset Studio ...and then there is Green Craft....
 the temperatures hit the 90s....the humidity was almost unbearable....my hair remained wet from sweat equity for almost all day....

the pot has begun to boil.....
 the dark rain clouds are slowly creeping into my beautiful blue skies....
 the front window is almost unrecognizable....  my patrons have just realized that this is the last week in this residency....

I have met so many kind and gracious people during my three years...this has been an open environment for people from all walks of life to drop by...feel comfortable enough to sit down ...and just watch whatever I happen to be working on....the packing and sorting has made many of them sad.   I can not tell you how many just love to sit and touch the beads and buttons in my vintage glass vessels.... I do understand.  But this is a journey in process...the works will change...the space will be filled by vivacious tenants.  But I doubt if anyone will love this space as much as I appreciate every square inch.

Our dear friend and family doctor Mary Beth Hall is retiring after 34 years.... she will be missed but desires to have time for herself and her beautiful family.  The Weathervane Summer Theater...travel...maybe some precious grand children some day... time to be with her husband Tom.  I wish you only the best...but know you will be missed!
 OH my...now this stuff is in my house....now dearie me...where will I put it all????  There is a table under there....
 the corner of my old couch....serves as a deposit zone too....thank goodness the little ones are not here to help me....
 Today we had an International Day !!!  We have visitors from Germany and they were visiting the Midland,  The Works,  The Grill Deli, glass blowing....and my messy studio space.  I recommended them to head south to Dawes Arboretum ...and they were enjoying every minute of their visit to Licking County!!!!

 This beautiful woman also made hand made laces and altar coverings for her home church ...she loved looking at my quilt book and sharing her love for fiber memories.  Her English was sparse...and my German was non=existent....but her beautiful smile says it all.  She has a passion for the Arts...the fabrics and threads and especially the beads and buttons I have collected.
 Two dear Bluegrass friends Pat and Red stopped by and wished me well....I am hoping to take Ken over to hear them play on Wednesdays at Denison for their weekly free performances. 
 piles....piles....piles ....precarious stacking....hey I am a pro now!
 more resources...drawing and sketching....altered clothing for FUN!!!... and maybe a bit more time to make some of my found jewelry...maybe I can actually wear my own works....

more Somerset magazines...and this sketchbook text is a fabulous resource..... daily porch swing meditations and sketches with my morning coffee...
new rituals for a new day....
Tuesday started out with a warning for afternoon thunderstorms.  Now Tuesday evenings is Ken's gold night with his league... and you guessed it...the storms came rumbling in around 5:00PM.  We are now under a severe weather warning for tonight...welcome in Summers in Ohio. 

I hope you are staying cool....working on something fun!  I have located my Haute Handbags magazine....new projects for a new start.

I have my contract for my exhibit next March at the Nazarene University Schnormeier Gallery.  A one woman exhibit....whoa I have a lot of work to do.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart aka ART Lady!


  1. Moving is never easy, but at least you re-discover little treasures you had forgotten. You are amazing - be sure to rest, Ms. Busy Bee! xo

  2. I will be ready...I got a late start today but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....on making the move but not the new set up layout. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Life's changes. Nothing stays the same for long. Those dark clouds in your beautiful sky, are, well...beautiful also! :)

  4. I don't envy the moving process one bit - one of the hardest things in life in my opinion! I hope it goes well for you - don't overdo and ask for help when you need it! Take care ...

  5. Sending you much love and light.....Moving is not fun....But think of the future and outcome and rest will fall into place for you!! I can't wait to see the exhibit photos!

    Blessings to you~

  6. You certainly have a lot going on! Please take extra good care of yourself!!

  7. Wow, you have been working so hard on this move!
    I totally understand about the magazines.
    I've been getting rid of tons of things but NOT any of my Art related mags!!!
    So cool to read about your contract at the gallery.
    You are amazing!