Monday, June 24, 2013

an evolution of my soul's spirit....

I did take some photos but ..maybe tomorrow I will download them.  The move is going and yesterday's kind comments make this transition a bit more ...well easy.  I had several women come in ...just to see if there was a "Fire sale" or something...and I shared my book of my quilts and explained how I had grown here in this tiny studio over the last three years.  I explained the need to move closer to home...and to locate a larger studio space with big sinks and places to put my mono print fabrics on large table to cure and add layers.  ken made arrangements to get the truck on Friday and Saturday so we could move the futon and benches to Erin's "Three kids and a Kitchen" caramel studio for a room designed to keep my grandchildren busy while Momma makes her candies.  Tina is picking up the large desk for Maya Rose's new bedroom when they make their move.  So many changes...the waves are rushing in but I am learning to bend in the soft breezes of the summer nights.  A quiet mind...a steady hand... and sharing with others ...the process is meditative journey.  I gave Jodie two oak and glass tables in exchange she will come over to help me unpack and set up the large sewing room for a day.  She was my pharmacist tech for years ...kind and patient in understanding the cocktail of medications I have been prescribed over the last 20 years.  Now I can share a nice home setting for her apartment...well I am wandering.  I hope your day has been filled with peaceful gratitude...the day is the gift...the present...we all receive each sunrise.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
and an Inchie KISS for good luck!


  1. Ken put my Inchies in a paper back book that I will have to share with you all soon. It is a nice collection of colorful tiny quilts.

  2. You too sweetie, your grace during all of this is amazing. xox Big Hugs.