Thursday, June 20, 2013

the power of friendship.....

I  worked in the studio and we were able to get another two car loads packed and delivered.  Then I attended my dentist appointment to receive my new crown...thrilling yes and I did it without medication.  I hate when the medicine takes hours to wear off...and I feel as if everyone is looking at me  drooling!! I came home and checked my routine emails and paper work.  Then I went out for a much needed "Ladies Evening" dinner at the Indian restaurant ...Bombay on 30 Th street.  Mary and Priscilla and I spent the next couple of hours catching up each others latest art endeavors.   Mary is preparing for a commission and has received a grant that allowed her to purchase some specific wood working tools for her latest commissions.  She is teaching drawing classes at the library on Tuesdays and getting ready for classes at COTC.  She is also planning on graduate school...keep your eyes on the prize.  Mary also works three days a week for the Health Department...a very busy lady!!!!

Priscilla is setting up portrait sessions at her Walgreen's store by appointment only.  She has plans for her Paper Moon vintage sessions at Pigeon Roost Pumpkin farm this fall plus she is photographing several weddings this summer.  Priscilla is one of the most talented artists in watercolor so I do hope some of her photos will inspire some new painting sessions on her days off from the lab.  If you need restoration ...or special photo developments contact her ...she is the best.  (But I am a bit prejudiced :0) )

 lunchtime in the central gallery...teachers unite to help The Works write a curriculum for the STEM program.....wonderful, vivacious, energetic teachers..
Here is little 2 year old Milo....he loves monkeys..............
 he is with his mother and they shared the new baby coming in November...her name will be Harper....Milo will be the big brother....
 he has a question about his monkey and his nap time this afternoon...
 her is a very unique monkey lunch box.....
 the bar is sold...and going to a new home...the card rack is up for purchase....
 more card making supplies to pack..... my hand made cards really helped me pay the rent on my beloved studio home sweet home at The Works....
 the cutting table will fit quite nicely and is a proper height ...a bit higher so I can minimize the back ache when using a rotary cutting tool....I already have the self healing cutting mat to cover and protect the surface....
 the paper storage wood cabinet...and the storage drawers and baskets for the home studio............
 the view to goodbye......
 we were still talking after a couple hours in the restaurant ...this was a beautiful first day of the Summer..

..the Bombay garden is a delight if you are willing to try something different and delicious....
I had a delicious chicken dinner with a creamed fresh spinach over rice and some grilled flat bread.  This is not the usual dinners in our household and I realized it had been too long since my last visit.  I shared my studio move, the upcoming arboretum installation for 2014 and a one woman show for March 2014 at the Nazarene University gallery.  I also have a commission for a quilt for my friend the lawyer with his twin boys.  I will have plenty of work to keep my hands busy while we wait for Ken's progress.  I feel great to be able to do work from home during this time period.  I am still searching for a studio space large enough and with storage and sinks/water for the dye baths. 

I had a very reassuring visitor from a strong Cancer survivor today...Jill's gentle hugs and positive words filled my heart with courage.  The doctors told Jill she had about four months to live a year ago....a positive attitude...good nutrition...the very best doctors and treatments and the undeniable courage to LIVE each moment.  Jill and her husband Paul have walked together each day...and she is a shining light of healing wisdom and Faith.  Thank you dear words are totally inadequate when I try to express my admiration and appreciation. 

relish silence
all of the answers
are within my heart...
sacred moments
with my thoughts
in solitude and stillness
serenity and peace are my prayers.
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Happy Summer...enjoy each and every day................


  1. beautiful post filled with love and light. and a tear or two for good byes. Oma Linda

  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful lady.

  3. I agree with the other ladies.....Beautiful post.... you know even though I do not always post I do read and you and your husband are in our prayers here in Minnesota..... So blessed to follow you.

  4. I've just read the last few days of posts, trying to catch up.
    You absolutely amaze me. You have such a sweet but strong spirit.
    I'm so sorry that you and your husband are facing this battle but please now that I have you in prayers and I'm sending out positive healing thoughts.

  5. Mary Helen, I am catching up on all your blog posts after taking some time off from Blog World, and I'm sorry to hear about Ken's battle. I'm very grateful that you have so many wonderful friends there. Know I'm thinking of you and your family, and sending prayers and hugs. xox