Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Wiggle Jigs

On Friday Ken and I ventured over to see Miss Morgan Elizabeth enjoy and present the performance art of movement her Wiggle Jig Performance at the summer program at Columbus Academy.  The little sprites were three and four years old... and totally engaged with the the present moment.  Mr. Cole was exploring and digging into Geology...searching for evidence in a time before us.  The shark teeth are his greatest treasures ...his quest...his urgency.  I know I have a fossilized shark tooth upstairs in my home sewing studio that I need to locate and pass on to my inquisitive scientist!  The words for the day was spin....twirl.... leap...point...count...and jump for pure Joy!  Please permit me to share this morning with you in my photos and the short video...we must all support the School Arts Programs!  I am a firm believer that sharing a young person's performance...discoveries and sacred marks will enhance our future as a community of  Humane, loving people.  We have the power to empower our future!

Ken then took Erin and Lyndon and I out for a quick and refreshing lunch at Bob Evans.   Mr. Lyndon has a fruit smoothie that I assumed was healthy...but Erin said it might not be.  He ordered a the pancake breakfast with sausage patty and enjoyed the apples and blueberries from my chicken and spinach salad.  Ken ordered a big burger special and miss Erin had a chicken pot pie.  Erin had run a 5K at the gym this morning..she amazes me with her focus and determination to be a strong and physical, energetic mother keeping up with three wonderful children!  We left them as they returned home ... for a quick nap for Lyndon and Erin could get a few chores done before pick up time for Cole and Morgan. 

We came home to do some paper work and then headed over to the Granville Art Affair to see Tony Reynolds and Kathy Anderson's tent of wonderful art works.  They have a great location and the weather is comfortable ...but there were so many choices on this Friday night.  Charlie Daniels Band and Bryan Lewis were opening at the Midland Theater.  The Newark Downtown Association was holding their annual "party on the roof "with a Key West Theme and Arnett Howard was a very popular group performing until 11 PM.  The Columbus Art Fair was also hosted in the Discovery district for the next three days!!!  So many choices and so little time.  We ran into another couple who are newlyweds Marsha and Gary have just returned from a 1600 mil road trip honeymoon in the south!  They are beaming with a joy...that many couples experience they have received a blessing of a second chance....with a new loving marriage.  I am so happy they have found each other and are dedicated to making each day count for each other. 

Now I am running on empty... We came home and I fell into my bed.  I know I need to finish my letters and cards to family and friends.  Larry and his family are still close to my heart ...and when I think about them ...well the tears continue to flow...salty and warm down my cheeks.  He is gone too soon...and this is a reality that still perplexes my spirit.  I am honoring his gifts of love to me by continuing making my days count with people I love today.

Saturday I spent most of the day in bed... my Lupus is acting up and the body has been giving me signs that I have chosen to ignore.  I know I am fighting off an outbreak of "shingles"....that painful , stinging, debilitating condition that becomes visible when I try to do too much.  I slept and watched old movies again... and in the evening we watched Johnny Dep in Dark Shadows.  Once was enough and it does have some good points......but the editing could have been so much better.  I do enjoy Johnny or should I say looking at Johnny...but this movie left a lot to be desired.  In the middle of the night I saw a wonderful movie from 1960 with Sophia Loren as the mother of a young 13 year old daughter during the War occupation of Italy.  Sensual and luscious and yet they did not gloss over the brutality of War and the effects of rape.  This was a four star movie that will remain with me for a long time.  Yes the actors were beautiful people but the portrayal was so authentic and my emotions were strongly moved.  What have we learned?

Today on Sunday I am still staying in out of the heat and humidity....while trying to write my cards.  I hope you have had a great weekend.... I plan of working with my hands tonight ...this will keep me calm .  I am working on my stories for my exhibit next March.  I am working on a personal narrative ...what have we learned ??? 15 years after the Laramie Project and the brutal beating and death of a small young man Matthew Shepard.  The gallery space is quite large and this is a humane teaching environment so I want to create a dialogue with the community and the students from the Nazarene University.  Imagine and LIVE IN Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Enjoyed the post and the kids are so cute in the video. Take care and hope you are feeling better and don't get the shingles anymore. Ouch!

  2. I so enjoyed seeing the kiddos and their great school activities. They are precious. Time spend with little ones is such a blessing and tiring too.
    So sorry that you are not feeling well. I shall include you as well as Ken in my meditations. Hope you feel some relieve soon. Oma Linda