Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer begins classes at the Newark library

Saturday I spent the last day with Branson walking around the Strawberry Festival on the courthouse square.  It was extremely hot and humid in my studio and a family was setting up a shower in the central gallery ...not something a 13 year old boy would enjoy having around his work.  I took him for  lunch and then we went over tot the Library to check out the Art classes offered working with Mary Skrenta from 6 to 8 pm.  Now he has an opportunity to expand his techniques and approaches without costs and materials will be provided!  I began packing and making my sketches for the layout in my new sewing room upstairs....I still need to locate a large space for dying the fabrics needed next year in Youngstown 2014.  I have been offered temporary spaces to work in.......... until I find just the right location with storage and water and sinks. 

On Friday ken and I attended the Marcia Evans Gallery opening for John Donnelly and Todd Camp.  Their new works seem to work together ...quite well and lend a curious blend of techniques and styles.  If you get a chance ...drop by and make sure to see the exhibit of paintings next door ... Sharon Weiss has a wonderful collection of artists and this intimate space invites the viewers to come closer for a look. 

I had a surprise visit from a dear friend Bernie and his lovely wife Rachel..........I felt badly because it was so hot in the building and the air conditioning is still not working.......this could be a long hot summer.
 Judy McNeish and her beautiful daughter stopped by for lunch and to prepare for a graduation party for his son from Newark High School.
 Mike Ryan stopped us as we were going into the gallery...these three men are collectors and very supportive of the Arts in Columbus......
 Todd Camp's new works are striking ...brilliant colors and the textures are intriguing............Melissa was home preparing for the Granville Farmers Market to raise funds to rescued cats.  She has been doing real well with her baked specialties!!
 John Donnelly has grown into a powerful painter ...and starting a very new chapter in his professional and private life!  He is a wonderful man and a great friend!
 Todd Camp is another authentic artist and has gifted me with sweet friendship and support as we all three journey in our artistic paths.
 Ken and Bon had serious conversations about the large beautiful gallery now up in Mount Vernon with the Nazarene University.  I have been asked to be their guest artist for a one woman exhibit next March for 2014.   I am very honored.  I have a lot of work to do............yes mam be careful what you wish for!
I am blessed!
 John has begun working with distressed sanded spaces on his new paintings.  My photography does not really show the depth of the brushstrokes and tonal colors........
 New artist welcome me in.....they are friends with Jane Heller and Jenny Reynolds so i am sure we will be getting together again.  WE all love thrift store shopping!!!!!!!!
 Even the partners were enthusiastic about shopping for vintage clothes and ideas for collage assemblages.

 One of John's small works...small but so powerful!!!!!!
 the friends and conversations were as colorful as the art works............

 This painting is a very strong revelation of layers and sanded edges..........I need to return to study up close once more.
 another example .......sanded distressed areas and small paintings are incorporated in this composition...John you are on the right is exciting to see your new direction............
 Two very happy young people who are very much in love with making art and each other...Tiffany and John Donnelly!
 the view in ...on an exciting evening with wonderful ideas and art expressions.......
 the gallery is on Lincoln ....right down from Jeni's homemade ice creams..............
 i love these rain splashed brick streets.........
 A bed and breakfast retreat for the near future?
 dewy yellow raindrop kissed rose........
This is just a short walk from the Short North Galleries and celebrations ...Ken and I may be back real soon.  Tomorrow I will share Abby's Pastel Exhibit at the High Road Gallery in Worthington.  Carol Hershey owns and runs this inviting space and studio.... I am so proud of you Abby Longshore for your participation in an exceptional pastel exhibit.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. It's wonderful how you see the beauty in everything. Good news about another show next year. So exciting! You are looking beautiful!

  2. The smiling lady in the red hair and black glasses is another to me but well known to Jane and Jenny here in Licking county. I just had her card in my hands ...and now it has vanished.......until later. The thing I miss the most is my mind.......... Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart