Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Information ....questions...facts... procedures... duration....expectations.....whirlwinds

Today we made our journey over to collect data and resources for the next six months for Ken's program.  Meeting with the kind and knowledgeable urologist put us at ease as we sat and talked for about 75 minutes.  He shared the latest research with us...a plan for beginning...recommended an oncologist to begin with on July 2....and the possible duration of 6 weeks for 5 days a week to arrest and kill the cancer cells.  We were both amazed at all of the considerations...plans...medications...treatments... we would have to consider in making our final decisions.  It is amazing how much information there is going through research processes and documentation.  With the assistance of the computer connections one can study and evaluate findings together and the doctor was there to explain and answer the numerous questions.  I am thankful and hopeful that tonight we will both get a better night's sleep.

We went to lunch ...stopped by a gallery ...and then stopped by Erin's house .  Ken taught Cole how to play Crazy Eights...another card game in which Cole went on to win!  Miss Morgan immediately set up her beauty shop and nail salon and gave me a colorful manicure...with different colors for each of my 10 nails.  Lyndon was enthralled with watching the card game...and relieved he got out of taking his afternoon nap.  I shared the information with Erin...and she had questions but we will all have future questions...some we have not even thought of yet.  We headed home...I rested and Ken went out to play a round of golf with our neighbor.  The prayers and phone calls have continued all evening and Ken wrote his 8 brothers and sisters an email with a general summary of our plan. 

a few more packed boxes for the studio move....
 these organizational cubes can be moved in an infinite number of arrangements....one step ...one day at a time....
 I stopped by Tina's house to drop off a watercolor painting that Hannah painted earlier this past school year... Sabrina was sitting quietly on the front steps doing her physical therapy to stretch her injured hand muscles and tendons....Sabrina is growing into quite a beautiful little lady....
 Now here is a sad sad Hannah...she had just spilled a two gallon container of fruit flavored Kool-aid drink on Mom's kitchen floor.  She was really sorry and want so badly to be older...and able to do things herself.  Her poison ivy face has calmed down but her expression says it all.  I am going to try to make a wall hanging or pillow in a photo transfer for her new room after she makes the move.
 I think this is a very cute little elephant....I have some ideas on how to frame this in ...and hopefully by then her beautiful smile will have returned........this too shall pass.
 Miss Morgan began working industriously on my special manicure...it is kind of a reversed French manicure in bright Spring colors.
 My small princess made  me feel like a queen....it has been a real long time since I was in the lap of luxury with a little princess.
 Grandpa taught Cole how to play Crazy Eights...Lyndon is not sure what is going on but...he is not taking his afternoon nap.  Thank goodness for Grandpa!
 Morgan is quite pleased with her nail salon display....
 Cole is studying and trying his hand at a shuffle.....Lyndon is thinking about asking Grandpa for mints...always in his pockets...or even his beloved chewing gum!
 How do you like this sparkle purple Grandma??
 Cole is winning!!!  He is a fast learner.  Morgan took the photo...she may be taking after her mother  who is a wonderful photographer.
 Mom is posing for her princess Morgan....
 Grandpa is doing magic card tricks ...Cole is totally engaged.... how does he do it???
Here is the Ipad kid...two years old and playing Batman...I am so lost! 

I am moving as fast as I can and still can't keep up!  Thank you for the loving prayers and phone calls...we are together ...family united.

Tomorrow I am headed back to the studio. I will try to go in early ....but each morning is an adventure.  May your days be blessed  and now to get back to creating!!!! I am itching to make ART but work comes first.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart



  1. You guys are so loved and in our thoughts and prayers. We are headed for Michigan in the morning but will be thinking of both of you.


  2. Dear Tony and Kathy...I wish we were going with you both. You will do a great job...and plan on some time to enjoy Michigan...a home away from home. We will see you all soon! Peace, Mary Helen

  3. It's good to have options and a plan. Hard as it is that is the sensible and calming way to approach this. You and Ken continue to be in my prayers. Your wonderful family always make me smile at their cuteness and loving ways. Oma Linda

  4. Nothing better than having family near. Such cute kiddos Mary Helen. :) Prayers continue for you both.