Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am South Newark....

My studio is located at 50 South Second Street.  I am located in a very challenged economically community.  Today Craig and his intern Meagan installed large poster photos and stories from the families and connections who have made their life living against touch conditions.  If you are might want to come down and check these intimate stories out.  Generations united to survive and thrive when the economy has been less than favorable.  I know many of the families and their children and grandchildren...through my three years with free Art experiences on Family night on Wednesday.  The need is still there but with the assistance of Denison, The Works and the YES club...many of these children have found safe, secure environment to explore and discover Art, History and Technology.  I have been very honored to have had such an intimate relationship with the families living in South Newark.  I have made heart felt connections and hopefully contributions to some of these residents and their experiences creating ART.
 Austin is a volunteer from Denison and a History major...Craig Montgomery was the supervisor...and Meagan just graduated fro Otterbein and is Craig's wonderful intern.  She has studied with Nicholas Hill and has a very perceptive eye in the professional installation of this intimate exhibit.
 Each poster has dialogue from a voice interview created by Denison students during the last school year...hopefully they will share these voice tapes in the future.
 Little Mattie has been my friend since the time when I was working for the LCA gallery...and has now grown into a wonderful teen.  Her dedicated mother and grandfather have supported Mattie's journey to her teens.  We all know and love Mattie!
I wish you could have seen her beautiful smile!
 The YES club has been supported by young employees who were once members...they have come from often difficult situations to become leaders in our community.  Dee Hall had a studio in Newark and lives in a house in South Newark.  She works with the elderly now at Zerger Senior Hall.
 Meagan has performed a particularly difficult exhibit to install...with a professional curator 's eye .  These stories will be in the central gallery for an unknown amount of is worth coming down for a cool lunch at the The Grill Deli!!!
Yes this is a close up of my special manicure that I received from my Morgan Elizabeth...very colorful don't you think??? 

We have had a busy day...and made another car load delivery of my art materials to my sewing room.  Simple gifts ...thank you Miss Morgan!

Imagine and Live in Peace, 
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Lovely post, as usual. Lovely nails too. I want to do my toes that way. ;-)

  2. Fancy nails there lady. Hope this new space works out the way you want it to. xox

  3. Corrine I am moving to be with Ken...he is going through some difficult times and I can work on three major commissions at home and be close by if he needs anything! I am still looking for a place with "big sinks" and room to dye large lengths of cottons!!! In time I will find the right place! Keep rocking your colors! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart