Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is everyone stayed home on Black Friday.....

I was wondering today...
what would really happen if everyone stayed home on Black Friday and made creative gifts with their families...for their families?????
I stopped by my daughters to give Maya Rose a little help understanding perspective drawing... she is in the seventh grade and loves to make Art but this has her a wee bit intimidated.  I told her we could work together ...remain calm and just read and we will practice together.  It is difficult to be 13 and not wanting the world to know what you do not understand....heck I am a grandmother and it is hard to reveal my own inadequacies.  This too shall pass!!!!

Today I worked in my own studio even though it was open studio over at The Works.  I have limited time now since we are leaving town to be with Ken's mother and his siblings for the holiday.  I worked on an ornament...keeping track of my elements...paints and additional ribbons and three dimensional bells and such.  Yes I do make some great cards if I say so myself....but it does not take that much longer to create a one of the kind ornament and I could put a package together ...a special card  with a handmade ornament.  After my research last weekend...I decided not to compete with the China products...but to make an outstanding and affordable gift for my patrons to be able to purchase.  I will return to my winter wonderland 12 by 12 canvas tomorrow...I studied some of my processes and tried to reprocess techniques to fit my needs.  I am learning and still having FUN!    I used a laser cut bird in a cage...painted and glittered with fine speckles of white light... hand-printed gold and silver paper glued to the back of the wooden piece and then just added paper flowers and ribbons.  I already have an order ...but in totally different color choices.  Now I have to find another cut out...these could be hung in a window...  on a special package...or on a tree.  I did find a few more NOEL laser cuts and tiny red jingle bells...of I feel just like an elf. 

Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

 yes maybe this is not a traditional ornament but with a little play I began the journey to discover what is happening....
 the background paper does not show up in my photograph but it is more noticeable in person... now for a silver jingle bell...

my work table is set...and ready to go tomorrow... the tea cup idea is something I am thinking about...wish me Luck!!!
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  1. I never shop on Black Friday. Never have, never will most likely. LOL
    Love your bird in the cage.
    Maya Rose, what a pretty name. Yes 13 is a difficult age...I remember how hard it was. But because she has people in her life like you, she will be fine.

  2. I meant to type What if???? but you got the picture. I am spending Black Friday with Ken's mother who is 93 and having major health issues. I love my Maya Rose!!! She has a heart of Gold! Peace, Mary Helen

  3. Your ornament is great and your ideas about hanging out with family instead of heading to the mall is even better! xox

  4. what a beautiful little ornament! I can sympathize with your granddaughters hesitations...perspective is difficult! good on you for spending time teaching jer and many blessings for a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving. I think ALL handmade gifts is a fabulous idea and have tried it in my family a few times years ago!