Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday and Tuesday....11/19 and 11/20...

I have been asked to participate a reading appreciation award circle....Susan L began my circle in her Life on Newark-Granville Road post for Sunday.  """""There are a series of questions """""  to be answered and then you can pass this along to your followers.  Well at least this is how this is supposed to work....here goes.

Where do you do most of your blogging/writing???
I work downstairs in the man cave with lovely bright lime green walls and teal speckled carpeting...I find myself to be content because I usually write at the end of my work day and the space is intimate and quiet.  I sit on a comfortable woven chair with a soft throw to cushion my back.  I have Art works from around the county----- paintings...prints..sketches...quilts and wood carvings plus wonderful photographs from travels around our globe.

What books were your childhood favorites???
I have always been in love with A.A. Milne and Winnie the pooh.  But as I grew I moved to Charlotte's Wed and Trumpeter Swan by E. B. White.  ...the sense of community and family were strong influences even back then.  Of course I fell in love with mysteries and Nancy Drew,  I can visualize the book cover of the Spiral Staircase...then I moved to Sherlock Holmes  and The Hound of the Baskervilles with the life of mystery on the British Moors. 

Who is your favorite fictional character???

I love the wonderful characters from Mark Twain's writings...Huck and Tom journeying down the Mississippi River.  I played myself along the banks of the Ohio River flats and imagined traveling south on my own raft. 

What is your favorite time of the day????

I love the evening when I am working on a quilt sitting on our old couch ...Ken is working on his school programs or watching basketball.  I take this time to reflect and remember all the small miracles I have received today...and plan my focus for tomorrow.  I love the final visit from my 20 year old cat Desdemona as she jumps up for her few moments of solitude on my lap.

Who would play me in a movie of my life????

I would like to say Christy Brinkley but more likely it will be someone like Rosie O Donnell.

Have you ever Googled yourself and been surprised at what you've found???

Yes and I was surprised and the list of my posts and writings...exhibitions... and retreats from the Art Quilt Network over the last couple of decades.

One materials possession I could not live without???
My over twenty year s of collecting my mother of pearl buttons.... my hand dyed fabrics and my sewing collections with threads  and laces... pure joy even when they are in a mess in my upstairs studio!

Have you ever been naked in public???

What is your dream car???

I did think of anything at first...then I remembered a 1957 Chevy from my childhood.  I could not even drive but an older boy on Terry Road had a shiny black 57 Chevy that I thought was really swell...I am older so swell was a word I liked then.

What/Who/Where was your first proper kiss???

On a Ferris wheel on the 4th of July at Fountain Ferry Amusement Park in Louisville , KY with Bruce.  I was barely 16 and I thought the world would never stop spinning.  Bruce was my first real boyfriend and my first love.

My fellow bloggers I do love to read your blogs and learn some of your answers too.

 Sunday afternoon with the Spaldings...I am working feverishly to complete this next display for Erin's caramels
 Roxie looks at me like ..."Where is the rest of the cookie?"
 She thinks she is top dog on my bed....
 visiting Marshall Cole and Lyndon.... you went to the Great Wolf Lodge!!!!
 Lyndon brought me every game he owns... Grandma play
 Thomas the train Grandpa....
 more Thomas please...  the joys of being a grand parent!
 Cole and Erin preparing salad fixings for our tilapia dinner....
 there used to be some blackberries for the salad...Cole and Lyndon love blackberries and they are so good for you!!!
 Our loyal Conkle ....waits patiently for some tidbit  or morsel of food....
Miss Morgan just woke up...swimming can take a lot out of you!
 Now it is time for Mickey mouse....
 this  is a family collaboration ...for Erin's display
 Chance has the casters on and ready to seal the deal ...this looks great don't yo think?
 cuddle time with Grandpa.... they are playing a game on the ipad..
 Lyndon loves his Grandpa... and vice versa...life does not get any better...
 Putting Woody's puzzle together ...35 pieces...we did it!!!
Morgan 's newest love...her own wolf pup...
 I am making a special 3 D ornament for Cindy..
 more process photos ..still more to come...
 I love just playing ...creating with Christmas designs...
 I love this iridescent medium with acrylics... jingle bells ...buttons...

ceramic stars with gold decals...more beads to come...
                                                  have a happy Turkey day...I will be with family and gone for a couple days.  Be kind...quiet...listen more ...and recognize the real gift is the time shared.  I am so grateful for you all who come and share my days journey.  Pray for those who are alone...facing illness...missing a partner... well just pray for the passage of time.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Wonderful post filled with fun, love and creativity. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and time off.

  2. Totally charming post :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!