Monday, November 5, 2012

One more day...ignore the commercials...think for yourself and VOTE

The time change always get me ...I never seem to be to get this in the first week.   I have felt out of sorts...all day until...I received a free boxed lunch form The Grill Deli .....from First Federal Savings.  Then two dear friends came in and we shared a hour of catching up ...the day then seemed to roll on out.  After lunch I finished putting the Halloween design elements in storage and up on the office shelf overhang....I really have very little storage but I can do better if i stay focused.  I have orders for several birthday cards ...and some special Christmas cards...those that include kittens!

I then decided to make a special card to thank First Federal Savings that I would hand deliver right after work.  I actually had a good time...just showing gratitude!  When I walked in the door and handed the banker a thank you...well it would have been great to have taken a photo because he did not know what to say.  Hmmmm?

I have a big Christmas party coming up where we will paint and decorate wooden ornaments with between 40 and 70 kids participating.  I think I need to ask Maya Rose and a couple others for some special assistance. Michelle Channel is taking Santa photos and another corner set up for decorating Christmas  cookies!  I think this should be real FUN if I can stay organized.  I have found some wonderful ornaments at Michaels...on sale!  So I have about 100 now and I am ready to peel off price stickers and then get my trusty Dremel tool out and make tiny holes for the ribbons!!!  I have learned the hard way that it is better to buy supplies early early early each child will have their choice to make just the perfect 2012 ornaments!

I met  another new artist this morning Saundy Brown...she just returned from Hondurus where she performed missionary works in a hospital.  Ends up she is related to a good friend Taylor Sears and has been trying to get down here to my studio for quite awhile.  I recommended the LCA membership to her and as a place to sell her paintings and her own handmade cards.  I gave her the address and a postcard  with I hope she joins and begins a new friendship.  She did ask me how I found my wonderful space?  I quickly changed the subject and we talked about the Aminah Robinson exhibit at The Works!

 my smallest visitor from New York..we shared brain stories and he promised to come back and help me make ....robots
 Jenny and Jenny came for lunch ...they are friends from Dawes Arboretum and hopefully I will be collaborating with them in 2013!!!!!  Yeah!
 Michelle is beaming...her business is off and running!!!  She is doing a great job and it shows!
 Pat came from Pappy's on 79... I have missed him!
 Marilyn and Dana came in for a quick stop!!!  This lady in purple is always busy.
 Janice just returned from a second honeymoon...happy anniversary!
 Two dear friends...Charlotte Pressler and Jean Drake stopped by on their way to Monday talks...this one sounded very historical!
 a special thank you for lunch....
 hand delivered to First Federal Savings on second street...we are neighbors.
I have a request for some funny froggy birthday cards!

 Fall Thanksgiving cards...
 simple Fall gratitude cards...
ribbit rbbit ribbit...hoppy birthday to a very special friend!

Christmas is just around the next corner!

I am tired I need to get to bed.  The sleep schedules are so fragile...I am a slow adjuster to change.  I am adding the photos of my day...remember tomorrow is the important Vote!  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Time change gets me too, I am finally getting back to normal?? Sounds like you have a really busy season coming up. xox

  2. love falling back, but springing forward usually gets me... voted at 7 this am, 25 degrees, now time to pray... x