Saturday, November 3, 2012

I want to be an artist.....

Well it has been an interesting couple of days and I am really ready for the election to happen and find out what our nation wants to see happen.  I do promise to support and pray for the new presidential winner.  I posted two images in support of President Obama...and well I received an earful of thought provoking points that I might want to consider...thank God we live in a country where  we all have the right to cast our vote.  This whole process has been so changed over the secret contributions of millions...all to elect our president!  Please take the time to is our privilege!

My daughter Erin sent us a message that Cole has been asked to answer a special question...when I grow up I want to be an  ARTIST!  He is working on a poster board answering ten questions about himself and his family and his future dreams.  I could have just cried....he loves to work with me and keeps numerous journals filling every page making designs and possible games and characters  for his own Pokemon cards.  I had made a large pot of soup and when they invited us  to meet them tonight for pizza dinner with Dad...he is off from the hospital for two days in a row we hand delivered dinner for their relaxing afternoon tomorrow. I know I am losing my mind one step at a time ...but somehow I have misplaced my camera so I could not add new photos to tonight 's post.  A simple sharing of pizza and silly stories ...that is enough to make my day complete.  I do not know how to clear up this photo and hope Erin will send me another that is clearer...we were working in my Whispers and Echoes Studio this past summer.

I have received some very exciting news...I will have another Whispers exhibit next May in Phoenix Arizona for 2013.  There is an artist who is a woman artist/sculptor  who has created large abstractions of her impressions of the beauty in the desert so the juxtaposition of hard 3D images to my soft and natural fibers could prove to be very interesting for the visitors coming in for the conference.  My working title is "Whispers in the Desert" and today I spent time washing my fabrics in preparation for the dye processes.  I will continue my research and begin creating my images and design elements for this installation.  I hope you have had a relaxing weekend...this weekend I stayed home and worked from home...I had put in a couple 6 day weeks.  Balance is a very important lessons I constantly need to remind myself to work on....a healthy body and joyful spirit.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I love it that you are an inspiration to a future artist, he is a wise young man to hang out with you. Congrats on your exhibit, sounds fascinating and will indeed be quite spectacular, can't wait to see what you create for it. xox

  2. I love his goal of becoming an artist! YAY! And congrats on your exhibit. I'm with you in wanting the election to be over. My phone rings 5 times a night, all pollsters and pre-recorded political tributes. I am grateful to live somewhere that we can voice our opinions. But I think I've reached saturation. :))
    You have a great week - xox

  3. Someday is today.In my heart I believe that Cole is already an artist!

  4. Greetings dear lady~......... I just love your blog, it is always light and just makes me art sound very blessed!

    Blessings to you~

  5. Hope your trip here will give you some ideas about the AZ desert. I know it will be great! hugs...

  6. Yes Cole is already an artist and we have begun discussing out collaboration for the desert works! He is my little light that shines into our future...I told him on the day he was born he would change the world! Our words are powerful! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart