Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday and party preparations...

I forgot my cell phone and my camera at the studio...but I did have an interesting day.  I had some wonderful young parents visiting their in laws ...they were from Fresno,CA.  Their son was so full of life and energy ...I enjoyed sharing my story of my studio...and my summer residency at Dawes ...and the upcoming exhibition in Phoenix next May 2013.  Michelle came in and I lent her some decorative easels for her table tomorrow at the Newark Metro Hotel from 11 to 4....she is sharing her examples of taking a painters work and transfer to giclees and prints for a way to sell multiples of your images .  She is doing a great deal of preparation now and I am hopeful she will meet and greet some new clients.  I met with Scott ...for sharing information on the projects I am planning for an upcoming Christmas party.  It will be only for a couple hours but collecting and selecting materials and laser cuts for ornaments...allowing for individual skills and different ages...I have made simple steps for each station.  Maya Rose is helping me ...and she is a real joy when we work together with young artists.  I went to Michael's to check out their supplies and found a few more simple white theme for my Holiday windows... two deer sculptures  and a frosty snowman to hang simple ornaments on to.  I am working for simplicity ...and affordable gifts from the soul.  I have received 4 orders that does seem to be promising.  I have some other soft fiber and felt ornaments that I can work on in the car as we drive to IN for Thanksgiving for the holidays.  I DO plan on being there in the studio on Shop Local at Small Businesses Saturday November ...I hope everyone is ready to support the small businesses in downtown Newark this season! 

 our courthouse is about to be made more festive...Christmas lights are coming for the courthouse lighting on Friday after Thanksgiving...
 our haunted jailhouse in the early evening....   they say we have ghosts here but I could not be for sure...
 the clear skies are here  for now...maybe we will catch a view of the Leonid Meteors late and early tonight...
Now I am back to work for tonight.  Have a beautiful weekend...if you are up early go outside and check out the meteor showers in the dark sky...they should be clearly seen with the naked eye....and spectacular!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Your life sounds very full and happy! I think that simple and from the heart is always a good thing for the holidays. I have to remember to chant that a few times in the coming days - lol! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! xox

  2. :) Ditta to what Pam just said!
    xoxo - Cindi

  3. Thank you for listening...if more people worked together and said this out loud...maybe we could be the change we would like to see in the world today! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Always enjoy reading what you are up to. I feel lost when I forget my cell phone or

  5. I hope you get lots of local business. I had lunch in the small store about the studio today and they have food and givfts and some groceries and I decided to buy most of my Christmas gifts from the to support this families business which the who,e family works in Mom, Dad, teenage son and daughter! We gotta stick together. xox

  6. On Saturday I worked on my holiday window for next Saturday...yes we do need to support one another in our businesses. Making Art is our work! There are the same requirements with rent, utilities, materials and marketing that we would find in an other business transaction. Yes now I remember to put my cell phone in my apron front pocket...I was lost without both of them. I hope you had a wonderful weekend..we enjoyed another weekend of sunshine and clear weather. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart