Friday, November 9, 2012

a warm sunny Fall return to normalcy...

I slept in today and moved slowly as the morning bloomed into my bedroom window.  My headache was still here but beginning to release me as a captive.  I had a warm shower and a hot cup of coffee with Ovaltine mixed in for my special Mocha Latte...the poor girl's version.  As I walked the small dogs in the sunshine I felt my body beginning to unwind.  I picked up my prescriptions and one half gallon of milk...milk appears to ease the burn in my stomach when I swallow the magic relief potion.  I drove to the studio and had a delightful lunch with Marcia Downs ...we shared grandmother stories and quips and talked about our preparations for upcoming Thanksgiving dinners.  The central gallery was completely full... the lunch crowd seemed to want to enjoy the day's warmth and sunshine.

I worked in the studio and began working on some gratitude cards... I had planned on putting a canvas together "The counselor is not here today...The artist is working here".  I thought it might just prove to be very healing for my, myself and I.  But with such a wonderful day and incredible sunshine...I just wasn't in the mood today...maybe another day.  I am going in tomorrow after I visit a couple craft shows in the morning.  I want to work on my holiday/winter canvas with dark deep blue skies and silvery trees.  My dreams have been filled with these images so we shall see what happens when I pick up the brushes.  I actually heard Christmas music on one of the radio stations is November 9 right???

 Lisa always finds a way to make me smile...
 the leaves are falling from my trees and a new landscape is revealing its lines and form.....

playing with paper forms....

and what could be better than a five berry pie????

I am working on my quilt and will  try to go to bed early tonight.  Have a wonderful weekend and find time to reflect on the changing of the seasons.  The weather men are saying we will not have too many more warm weekends like this one coming.  Before I forget I am asking for special healing prayers for a young 36 year old father of three little children who has learned that he has had a heart attack and needed a stent implanted to further his healing process. Please remember him in your affirmations for a complete healing ...just saying this out loud is a powerful affirmation in itself.  Imagine and live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sending healing thoughts to that young man, Mary Helen. Hope you have a great weekend and the warmth stays around.


  2. I'm sending healing thoughts his way too.
    XOXO - Cindi