Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I found my courage today...

I found my courage today and made it into the studio....I shared a quick lunch with a good friend and then went to work setting up my baskets/stations for my next months of projects.  I ended up even doing the grunt work like sweeping...little baby steps.  I had several visitors today and talked with Marco about next week...we decided most families will be preparing for their dinners or on the road headed to grandma's house so tomorrow we will create our gratitude journals...with little turkeys dancing all the way.  I realize sometimes just showing up is more than enough when it is time to get the work done.

I spent the afternoon pampering myself and had a complete beauty treatment....wash,  condition, cut and style.... I love you Deb!!!  You are really the only person who gets my hair!  I have been praying for her...she has had a real rough year and is the kindest woman I know.  When she was in the midst of the breakup....I was so  angry...she had turned it over to prayer and is better than I was with accepting the fragility of human beings.  I am so grateful for you Deb!  Have a very happy Thanksgiving...you are quite the teacher.

I met Ken for a light dinner and then we went to do some shopping.  You can not beat the prices for things made in China... there is no competition price wise.  I checked some paintings and interior design elements, even pet gifts....specialty soaps made in France and Italy for just $3.00.  But then I ran into a friend and she smiled her generous big smile and said out loud....."but Mary it is not your work !!! "   It is reproductions and shoddy workmanship most of the time....ornaments are for a few weeks and the colors are so garish ...lime greens...saccharine blues ... and glitz every where.   Maybe this works for some people.... but I felt a little disappointed.  I did buy a small teddy bear ...to hang around or sit on a wooden chair.  I am going to stop now and get back to work.  I thank you for listening.... today ended up being a productive day and I recognize the gifts of friendship are invaluable...my words fail to express my gratitude!  Imagine and live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S.  I want to congratulate my daughter Tina Marie for being accepted by the State Farm family here in Newark.  She has been working extremely hard and we are so proud of her!  Way to go girl!!!!


  1. sounds like a good day. And we all need good days to reflect upon. Blessings, Oma Linda

  2. I hear you on making it to the studio....bit by bit served me well~~the stole was picked up yesterday with a happy recipient!!! :-)
    I even got it together and put up a blog post about it. Went live this a.m. Whoo-hoooo!!!
    Art is pretty amazing....in all it's forms.
    And I, I am not even close to ready for Thanksgiving. Of course, I am thankful every day.


  3. Ahhhh...a very nice day indeed. :)

  4. I will worry about Thanksgiving next week...I have work to do today! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart