Thursday, November 29, 2012

My poor grand daughter Maya Rose....

 Sandy picked up her delicious caramels from Three Kids and a Kitchen...the perfect great exchange gift for your parties and school teachers!!!
 I just love playing with Luminere delightful... and shimmery for painting on just about everything!  Golden can not be beat either!
 the sugar cookie themed ornaments... just the beginning....
 poor Maya Rose...we have all been there .  Now go to bed and get some sleep..tomorrow will be a better day!!!
 I found our country's flag waving in the breeze to be quite beautiful today.... thank yo for everything we have here in the USA!

 Sabrina with one of her many best buddies!!! Look at those smiling faces... darn cute!
 baby sister Hannah was surprised to see for grandma!!!

 look at this photo and you can see Jody's big bad watch dog Daisy!!!!
 peanut butter ...Sabrina's energy food and a favorite...crackers and PB on celery ...sorry no raisins this time for bugs on a log....
 the moon was mesmerizing in the night sky...I wish I could have taken a better photo does not do the beauty justice....Beaver Moon....

I love the naked tree limbs framing the full peaceful....
I was just beginning to paint my version of sugar cookies in ornaments...wood....when the phone rang and the school nurse asked me to come and pick up Maya Rose.  She has been in art class and raised her hand to ask to be excused but apparently the teacher did not see her...she threw up red Faygo pop and stuff all over her perspective project. (I think the whole table was involved.)   Humiliated...embarrassed... in pain and with a fever she was down for the count.  I was there in 10 minutes and brought her back to the studio where I cleared the futon bed and she immediately fell into a deep sleep.  I gave her children's Tylenol but I did not have the grown up medication... I did not now she could take Ibupropen.  I drove her home and put her back in bed ...washed her clothes... and then walked to Cherry Valley to meet and walk Sabrina and Hannah home from school.  Maya was still asleep so Hannah and I read together one of my favorites James and the Big Peach ...and did her homework identifying geometric shapes... what a Joy.  Sabrina did her chores and did her homework on the telephone with her friend .... I hope this meets with her mother's approval ???  I then asked Ken to pick up dinner...chicken and noodles with two vegetables plus he brought dessert and ice cream....great man!!!  Everyone arrived together except Ryan...he works later on Thursdays.  But we did make sure there was plenty left over for his comfort food dinner.  I was going to run a couple errands but decided to make that a tomorrow event...I was worn out.  I do hope the little ones all have a better day tomorrow.  I will share my photos...process... the girls...everything a Grandmother falls in love with.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Maya Rose is finally feeling a bit better...thank you for your prayers. Have a great Friday!!!!!!! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. How lucky they have you as their Grandma.
    xoxo - Cindi