Monday, November 12, 2012

a quiet Monday working from my home studio...

Do you ever have a day when you want to be alone... but not lonely...working from my home seemed appropriate today.  The weekend was so perfect but early in the morning was the warmest the day ever got...the rains moved in and stayed for the day.  I fell back to sleep and Roxie must have gotten bored ...she chewed the cord end on my electric rollers...even though I do not use them often... I was still upset.  She spent most of her day in the pet taxi crate...I am not sure she understood but I felt better.   I watched movies...images of exquisite trees... and the cycle of life.   I quilted my images on the quilt...and I feel good that the process is coming together. I washed cotton fabrics...searched upstairs for my card supplies and fine fine glitter for the laser cut ornaments I am providing for the young artists for the Christmas party.  The old teacher in me comes out...organize...remove labels...have all supplies ready to transport ...and making sure there are enough supplies for the hours I will be working on ornaments. 

I warmed up noodles with beef and mushrooms for dinner and Ken retired to the computer to prepare for a presentation tomorrow with his students.  He seemed to be preoccupied ...we are making plans to return to visit his 93 year old mother... with the trip there are so many unexpected little surprises that come into our heart when we share time with her ...Elizabeth is still in charge ...but her mind is fleeting can not take her words that come out seriously...just know and remember the love we have shared.

"Words carry a lot of weight  in this world, but it is through our actions that we bring things into being."

 I just realized open studio is this Thursday at The Works noon until about 4 PM... I need to get cracking and do some more work...
 Lynn's small bag is now spectacular....she has added further details....

I am hoping to get some further development photos on Thursday...stop by and come to play...
Have a quiet and safe time in your studios...standing still is essential for our journey.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Always watching but can't comment since blogger limits what it will take from me for some reason. Argh.

  2. Plus, I almost never get the word verification right, took four tries with my first comment, maybe it's my eyes, but I'm not a robot. Sorry if I don't comment, but I'm reading and enjoying the smiling faces. (This one has taken many tries, so sorry, can't do this)

  3. Trying again, oooo pretty felting! Love the colors. Isn't punching that needle therapeutic!

  4. Totally get it.
    I prefer to be alone.
    well..... alone with my fur kids.

  5. I have many days like that lately. It's okay. Enjoy all your days.

  6. Thank you all for your was Veteran's day down on the courthouse square...but I just could not face this event this year. Peace, Mary helen