Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday and the fireworks continue...

Everyone is home and safe from their week's journeys and homecomings. Rosie is now slowly beginning to show some improvement but I am still staying close to her at home as she is dealing with a strong bacterial infection fighting a strong medication and special diet. Ken is upstairs creating a grilled treat as Erin and Chance are coming out for the afternoon. I need to go upstairs and gather some special art materials to play with Mr. Cole and Miss Morgan. Lyndon will have plenty of blocks to play with Grandpa Ken as Mom and Dad take a moment to rest and relax. Ryan is working and Tina is going over to Columbus to have Sherry give Domino a much needed haircut. The big firecracker extravaganza over at the campus is tonight but I am not sure I will be up to being out in the heat and humidity...even though the symphony and family atmosphere is a great memory maker for my heart. Yes, last week was a bit busy but hopefully I will swing back into my three toed sloth speed and get myself together. I am getting the "mermaid" purse fabrics heat set and ready to cut them out for hopefully a completion date next Wednesday. I also have a mixed media collage in process...well in my mind for a Civil War exhibit at the Works. My name is "Tattered Dreams" with the vision through the eyes of a woman aged by the war and death; waiting for her husband or young son to return home safely.
I will finish this post later with additional photos later in the quiet of the evening. Peace until then....

It is now 10:03 PM and all is quiet in the cabin. Our dinner was yummy and the kids were totally entertaining as they re-explored the entire house. We opened the big bag of wooden blocks and the purple collection of lighter and soft blocks for baby Lyndon to stack and then whack. Cole and I began working on the small table on a collection of different marks with gel pens, stamp markers and bold crayola markers. Cole seemed to be totally immersed in the whole process of creating a monster with long fingernails and a variety of colors to use as camouflage ...he is in to some pretty creative Super Heroes and fascinated by the Green Lantern super powers. I think you get the idea of his very imaginative mind and creative juices are always in flow...he is very observant of his surroundings and does not miss a thing.

The fireworks are exploding in the sky over the hill behind right now and the animals are inside the cabin. The deer are bedding down very close to the house so they seem to know that the noise is harmless but very annoying to all God's wild creatures who share this small part of the earth. I remember my very first date back in 1966 was at the Fountain Ferry Amusement Park in Louisville, KY and I saw the fireworks from the top of the first Ferris wheel I had ever been on...sweet memories when the skies are blazing with crystallized sparklers of many colors. Magic remains in my heart tonight. Happy 4Th of July and make some sweet memories with the babies in your heart. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. What a beautiful, loving family you have, and the shortcake looked divine. Happy 4th my long distance friend. xox Corrine