Sunday, July 24, 2011

Embrace the present moment...

On Thursday I worked on clearing the window and began putting my energies to making my own works...that is the main reason I wanted to have my own work space in the first place. The taxation situation has not been settled but I trust that since I did pay the first 6 months on time and have opted out of a very complex program ...I am hopeful to be able to clear this mess.

On Thursday evening I volunteered at our Midland Theater to enjoy a contemporary Gospel group "Ernie Hasse" and his quartet with a young vivacious back up band. Now I had never heard of this group before that night and found their approach to the art of music and praise to be be uplifting. He reminded us all that our servicemen and women were all experiencing much worst heat serving in Iraq and Afghanistan...and daily with little or no relief. Remember to be grateful daily for the blessings we have and are receiving here in America. The air conditioning crews were working madly to repair freon leaks and mechanical malfunctions to keep the theater nice and cool for the audience. I have never been asked to find appropriate seating for so many patrons in wheelchairs before that night but I do think we had some very creative problem solving and the entertainers went out of their way to meet and greet their audience both during the intermission and after the show. "this little light of mine...I am going to let it shine!"

Friday the system was over worked in my old hotel... and the only coolness came from my trusty fan. I found that I had many visitors come in to watch me work on my collage wedding gift just to stand in front of the fan. I made a few stops on the way home and then found a refuge in my own home. The afternoon thunderstorms offered some relief and seem to clear the dirty air. We went out to Ruby Tuesday's for a quick bite...too hot to turn the stove on and we had a moment to just sit down and reflect on the day's activities. Ken and his friend Dave actually played 18 holes of golf in the morning...yikes they seem to have a real passion for that game even in this heat wave.

Saturday I realized my glands were extremely swollen in my neck and remained in bed most of the day...we have a big trip at the end of the month for a wedding in a real Art community in Traverse city. So I had better get my act together and reserve my energies ...I have a lap desk ready for the car ride so I can sketch and journal and our suitcases are out and slowly being repacked. I am working ahead on my collaboration on the Inchies so I can post them a little early for the rest of the participants. I brought home my Pfaff sewing machine so I can work from home today on a few other projects.

I want to publicly thank Gabriela for her wonderful contribution of stuff for the Family night art experiences...papers....bits of fabric...homemade beads ....ribbons and trims....handmade papers...well you get the idea...wonderful art pieces to be developed in the creative hands of the children. I am planning on a thank you special for you in a few weeks to share our appreciation for all you have shared with my little ones. I think my photos are so revealing...thank you for your attention to details and support. The summer is a lush green veil revealing the gifts from the trees and wildflowers reaching for the skies. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Casey Campbell you did a great job on your "imagine " collage...lovely working with you ! Enjoy St. Louis and when you return we will work on our Jungle mural for children's services. PEACE.


  1. Oh I love the myriad of photos featuring all those yummy craft and collage papers.....It makes me wanna play in my studio today. Maybe I will do a journal page or something after all....thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a great Day! and stay cool!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  2. Hope you are feeling well today. Always lots of inspiration on your blog. Been looking at older posts also, and boy are you busy!!!!!!! Take care okay.

  3. I hope you're feeling better today. Thank you for putting things into perspective. I've been whining and complaining about the heat and humidity, this kind of humidity didn't exist out here in West TX till the last part of the 20th c. Our brave men and women have to deal with such horrific heat and other unthinkable conditions...I read the temps there every morning in the newspaper...can't imagine what that kind of heat is!!

    As for eating out, I hear ya!! In my last blog, I explained about the heat out here and cooling system we have in our house...sounds like a real boring subject, but you know me, Mary Helen, I always attempt to make sweet (funny) lemonade out of lemons! LOL Today, we'll have some respite from the heat...however, more rain and humidity...yuck!! Haven't turned the oven on in almost a month...too hot and even turning the stove warms up the house a's definitely deli-kind-of-menus for us these days. Can't wait for it cool down...want to make my French Gruyere cheese bread...takes all day to make it, but oh, so delish!!

    Take care, my friend, and keep listening to the knows what you need!!


  4. Feel better and take care, no flare ups - you need all your strength tobe such a powerful creative force in this world. xox Corrine

  5. Feel better dear was my pleasure to share in your important project!You have blessed me more than any gifts i could send !

  6. Dear Mary Helen ~ hope you are feeling much much better by seem to get more done than most of us touching so many heARTs and is always a delight to visit and see what is happening in your world!

    Take care my friend!