Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday is a beautiful gift to my spirits...

This Full Moon is just too dreamy for least mine but the white light bathes my hillside in a holy shine from up above. I have to get packed tonight for an early day trip to celebrate my sister in law's retirement. We will pack into Erin's big car and find room for all of the stuff we need for a two day trip....yikes I do not remember my mother having so much stuff for the six of us. Ken and Erin will be up front....Morgan and Lyndon will be in the second row of seats in their car seats ...and Mr. Cole and I will be riding the third row taking up the rear. Of course we have one bag and all of the grandparents snack foods ...sweet treats for everyone. I have a bag of ART necessities and two cameras and a swimsuit for an evening swim at the hotel. We have two rooms that are connected so we will have a slumber party all night long!!! We took Miss Rosie over to Tina's with her dear friend Domino for the next two days. I really do wish we could all go along for this reunion trip ...but the reality is I am old as my dear Maya Rose reminded me of tonight. We stopped by Don and Betty's home to return the DVD Paris The Luminous Years. It is an excellent video and I could watch over and over again. The honeymooners are 86 and on Tuesday Don will receive a new pacemaker to prepare him for his new heart valve on
Wednesday. I am sending him Joy and healing light as he enters into this new journey to regain his health. The DVD will help him to keep himself occupied and hopefully help him pass the time. Well ...The packing is calling me.... so have a great weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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