Monday, July 11, 2011

Every Inchie Monday...Love....Happy Birthday Mom....

Here's My "LOVE" Inchie

I have my Inchie but I will not be able to post my photo until tomorrow...we are experiencing some horrendous thunderstorms with plenty of lightning and technical difficulties are running rampant! :O) Today is my beloved Mother's birthday and it is a sad day when I cannot pick up the phone to talk to her. Rose Marie Hutti Wheatley would have been 82 today and there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss her. I created my Inchie to honor the LOVE she gave to six very energetic children who were born close together in age ...6 in 7.5 years! There was never a dull moment when your house is filled with children...and only one bathroom. The stories I could tell ...but I won't because I would just get into further trouble. I love you more each day I grow into my 60's I realize how much you have given me...I hear your whispers and echoes every day...sometimes when I least expect to ...I realize you are with me daily.

I am including a selection of the photos from the "Mermaid Purses" made with loving friendship with Alivia and Cora...they are styling now with their own special purses that include enough room for their sketch journals and include a secret pocket. I have been blessed with many new visitors in the last five or six days and will be blessed with these new friendships and possible new students. Ken still brings my extra supplies in from home...Lord let me live long enough to play and use my ART stuff...and to pass it on with the glee of a child in my heart. I am also sharing my meeting with the incredible sisters from Australia living their dream out loud in Nashville, TN...the Amazing McClymonts! The evening was filled with Brian Lewis and his newest album releases and a raucous crowd enjoyed every single note flying through the theater. Today I worked on a few steps for my Family night activities and prepared the collection pf papers we can explore with the children. I watched the PBS special "Paris....The Luminous Years". The narration and exposes with a combination of music, ballet, stage theater and the young artists exploring Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism and the Dada movement seem to fill me with inspiration....Fauvism ...the wild beasts...bright colors are rejoicing in my mind's eye right now. Check it out at your library ...I think it is a great way to sort and straighten your studio as you refresh and remember the same questions and inquiries that artists who came before us were discussing in their studios and French cafes.

I hope you are all surviving these crazy summer thunderstorms ...I saw several trees down on my way home from the studio. Have a great week and enjoy the passing of time with those you love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Welcome home to my studio not give up on your dream to make ART! Alivia and Core you two rock! And happy 25th anniversary to my visitors from Springboro,OH! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I always enjoy all the happy faces in your posts! Art has a way of bringing people together with joy.

  3. LOVE your inchie! Love love love all the embellishments. Cheerful, Fun and loving!

  4. Great inchie, even better love for Mom. Those little girl purses are the sweetest. I would like one. xox

  5. I have decided to make a "Mermaid purse" for myself...they are not too big and would be great for an evening at the summer theater or dinner out with Ken! Thank You all for everything...Peace, Mary Helen

  6. Love your love inchie.