Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Please remember our brave young people who live to serve our country...

Today after three tries I was able to reconnect with a very special young woman I met over three years ago and the last time I was able to give her a hug was when Ken and I served the Christmas dinner down at the Elks. I stopped by her mother's home twice yesterday and today this afternoon she walks into the central gallery in all her glory to get her fix of our Skyline Chili Three way special. I reunited with a huge hug and told her about the piece I am creating about her courageous career as a Black Hawk Pilot with numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the heart of the most dangerous environment. I studied her beautiful, optimistic face and saw courage personified so I am even more determined to create a work that shows her how much I appreciate what she is giving back to our country. Her mother invited me to a show your appreciation packing boxes for our troops to keep them as comfortable as possible in a land far from their families and loved ones. God bless and keep you Natasha Wortman safe until you return home to those who miss and love you dearly. I traced her hands to work into my piece and discussed my inspiration of protection from the Black Hawk ...protected... enfolded inside the wings of protection. I had a dream about three months ago where I felt she was in danger and the vision of the wings surrounding her came to life. Natasha shared some incidents where she was in the midst of chaos and danger ...yet she felt grounded by bronze feet...from another person's dreams ...and would be be safe from harm. Natasha spoke for our Newark Rotary members today and I am so sorry I missed her soft spoken words describing her journeys in foreign lands.

I am working on my design elements for the "Mermaid Purses" that Alivia and Cora began creating last Wednesday. I was slightly distracted by the youngsters making ice cream with the Velvet Ice Cream staff out in the courtyard for the Curious Tuesdays activities. The temperatures were high and the humidity is back...so this is perfect weather to make homemade ice cream! Stay cool and have a big glass of iced tea all week to stay cool! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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