Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Tuesdays...cool iced tea all day long!!!!

Today our heat index was well to put it mildly "too damn hot for this world". I guess the devil is boogie dancing around the whole state ! Ken actually played golf in this heat...I really do not know what he does to adapt to the high humidity. I had a discouraging day in the studio...I was set up for two small children to work on identity piece and their mother was to work on her frame mosaic employing the broken pieces of her mother's fine blue and white china. As I was setting this up ...several other parents and grand parents came in to see how their little artist could take a private lesson. Well to make a long story short...they failed to show up and by the time we made contact I had to totally reschedule because we had a funeral home visitation to attend. Maybe I will have to make sure the person's intent is valid by asking for a deposit up front. This is the second time in less than one week and I depend on these small classes to make the rent for the studio. I am learning....slowly but surely.

I went to shop for a family reunion this weekend and a wedding for two dear friends who will marry on the beach up in Michigan. I saw them this afternoon and we discussed the dress code...definitely casual and cool. I went on a quest to find a nice simple dress and cover up for an affordable price...am I dreaming? By golly I did find a rather cute simple dress and a stylish cute tee shirt vest to wear over it if turns out to be cool. I found six strands of fresh water cultured pearl necklace in multiple colors for a clearance of $22.00. I feel like a rock star right now...ready to pack..well first I have to find my swimsuit and towel and beach bag...well I still have some time. I set the table for my young painter for tomorrow...and started a lesson demo for tomorrow night so I am ready to start over. The heat is hot and humid and takes just about all my energy so I will keep this short and sweet. Stay cool and create create create! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Trinity and her friends (in the yellow dress) came to play in the art studio ...old friends with small children growing into young men and artists...Tony and Kathy practicing their kissing for the wedding...another grandmother and grand daughter want to return to make some marks.... my circle continues to grow. Stay cool and Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Mary Helen I see you are very, very busy, and nevertheless you visit my little blog with the miniatures, thank you.
    We could use some of your heat - we are in France in the mountains, 800 m, when it is raining it can be very cool and I am getting out the pullovers.

  3. May smiles once again, I always visit your blog when I need to smile!