Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday's spiral cosmic connections...

I took a couple days and broke my rhythm of putting down a few quiet sentences each day and share my gratitude for the simple gifts I have in my life. On Friday we went downtown for the Antiques and Art Walk to see Irma Hawkins Perry's one woman exhibit at Argyle's Gallery. At 85 years young Irma has incredible technical skills working in pastels and oils. I envy her use of colors and contrasts and shadows...each work and portrait seems to speak to you when you gaze into the eyes of her subjects. The we went next door to see the Carol Carol Susan Susan squared is a play on words and relationships, at the LCA gallery. The room was full of color and energy but the air conditioning was not able to keep up with the closeness in the rooms so we could not stay and view the works comfortably. I will go down later when the space is clear and it is easier to view the individuals works. We then went to Myers and Pugh's newest jewelry studio and we were blown away by the beautiful cabinetry in the show rooms and the design room had all the proper lighting and sinks and tools one might need to make one of a kind family legacy pieces. When we came home Ken made hot fudge banana splits...decadent and so delicious. I fell asleep into a sugar coma almost immediately and could not stay awake for Avatar. Saturday I went out to shop for Hannah Marie 's 5th birthday and her latest love of anything Hello Kitty. I did the week's grocery shopping and came home to cook a beef chuck roast in the crock pot with herbs and peppers from Erin's kitchen garden. Ken made a four cheese pizza and another ice cream sundae...I know this is the beginning to a down hill slide if I am not careful. Help me ....Ken's homemade fudge sauce is to die for and chocolate seems to be calling me.

Today Ken continued his readiness for returning to the classroom this Fall as the Gifted teacher for the 7th grade in his old stomping grounds. I delivered the gifts to a very happy little girl and enjoyed the homemade birthday cake and delicious ice cream. I stopped by to visit an ill friend but he was out and seemed comfortable so I left without disturbing him. I stopped by Goodwill's special sale where one spins a wheel for special discounts and I made a few finds at 30% off...$5.00 total and I have a sweet round sewing basket to carry incidentals to classrooms or on trips. I felt an immediate kinship when I picked this item I made a connection with the woman who owned it before me. The bits and pieces inside will be added to an future assemblage. I took some awesome rusty photographs at a lawnmower repair "shop" of sorts and a swaying storage garage...before I realized it I had captured over 50 images and some large glorious sunflowers. "Do not be afraid to go out on a limb...that is where the fruit is." anonymous

Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

More to come tomorrow...I will have to keep busy because we will take the exhibit down and I need to get busy with the new pieces. ::O)


  1. Oh, that Ken is a man of many talents. Home made chocolate sauce? You best be keeping him on a very short silken cord.
    It's so unpleasant outside, the heat and humidity are stressing my black walnut trees and they are starting to send down yellow leaves. It looks like the start of fall and that's not right or fair. :)Bea

  2. I love finding treasures at Goodwill! The discount wheel is a great idea. Homemade chocolate sauce must be medicinal. Bea, I'e just been thinking it seems like fall here too.

  3. Hey Ladies...I was skinny when I married him :O).
    Now...well I won't go there :O)!
    I know how lucky I am to have him in my life. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Irma and Carol's works are just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them!! Sounds like your man is taking good care of you!! xo

  5. Homemade choc. sauce...oh my...that sounds sooo good.
    The art is beautiful!
    Seeing that little things in life are blessings are one great way to savor the day!