Friday, August 6, 2010

What a beautiful day....

I spent most of the day meeting and greeting the people and families who came downtown for the Courtyard concert at The Works. The sun was shining and a nice summer breeze was floating over the picnic blankets and lawn chairs of generations united for a musical treat and free ice cream from our local mill "Velvet Ice Cream" is simply wonderful and too difficult to resist. My friend Vicki came down and she makes the most wonderful Buckeye candles ...chocolate and peanut butter scents fill the air and everyone is immediately in a great mood and maybe hungry for candy!!! She shared her photographs from her recent trip to Chicago that her daughter won in a contest from the Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau. I could not think of two better people to win this deluxe trip to a city I absolutely love! Vicki also brought warm...just preserved blackberry jam for my husband Ken...she can do anything and he is already testifying to her delicious jams.

I am not officially opened but I had at least 30 people in the studio today so I was excited to hear their anxious anticipation for me to get the ball rolling. One small boy had his hands balled up and cried "I want to paint now" when I talked with his mother about possibilities for small workshops ...this could help me to pay my rent. Tonight I got a wonderful email from another mother with two little blond girls who are ready to make art! I hope I can keep the excitement going and maybe coming home to this sacred space is a good idea. I am and responsible to work with artists and make my own works. Ken has worked on my business cards and tonight we made an order for a couple of tee shirts, the banner to use when I am out demonstrating, new postcards, labels etc. We are doing our own guerrilla marketing here and it seems to be working. I am very tired right now and the computer is behaving badly...the universe is all trying to make a connection tonight. Go and make something fun!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Dear Mary Helen:
    It sounds like you had a perfectly dreamy day! Good luck with your new venture. I think classes for kids would be wonderful! They're always so eager to learn, and they soak up the knowledge we share like little sponges. Enjoy a creative and restful weekend, my dear.

  2. How exciting!! Thinking bout those eager children, I can imagine you hosting art parties, for kid's birthdays or other events! That would have been my dream b-day party as a kid - could be a good rent helper, too :) The possibilities are endless, the creativity an inspiration boundless!! i'm really happy and excited for you Mary Helen!! So much healing energy and love,

  3. what a great blog! and I see we have many friends in common! thank you for your kind remarks on La Dolce Vita. I love your blog and will be visiting often! ciao bella!

  4. What a wonderful day for one and all!! All the best to you as you move forward with this venue. Blessings, Lennie

  5. How wonderful, Mary Helen. Congrats on your new venture. You're living the life many of us artists would love...being with other like-minds. Take care and take lots of breaks...naps would be nice too!! LOL


  6. How wonderful and fun! I wish you many days like this one!

  7. Ice Cream and Buckeyes = Yum!!!
    Enjoy these days of summer splendor and how very exciting to have people ready to make art under your tutelage! Wonderful!

  8. Wishing you so much good luck with the studio. The kids classes are a great idea too!