Monday, August 9, 2010

will work for cookies...volunteering at the Midland...

Today I was down at the Midland Theater from the 11 to about 4 to address,stuff, stamp and mail information for an upcoming fund raiser combining delicious foods at the The Grill's Chop Shop in the old location of the Natoma Restaurant . I worked with two pros in volunteering and we had the whole second floor to ourselves and a lot of peace and quiet. It was an enjoyable labor of love and the company made the hours fly by...Kathleen supplied us with peanut butter cookies...therefore my phrase...will work for cookies. I went down to the Works to check if anyone was still there hanging the new print artist's show for next week's opening. It was hot and humid so no surprise the place was empty and devoid of the usual sounds and squeals from children exploring in the science labs. I then headed over to my studio to drop off some materials and then headed out to check out my Goodwill and found some cups and serving plates for my Tea for Tuesdays in the studio space. Ken has prepared an inviting handout for me to give as an invitation to come on down and sit awhile.
chakra's rainbow
I am very tired for some reason tonight and I think I want to go up stairs and transfer a crayon portrait onto a synthetic cloth to hopefully make a large patch to add to a linen shirt. If I go up now I can have about two quiet hours to play with some simple compositions. I pray you have all had a good start to your week. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I would be pooped too. No shirt transfers for me after hard work!!! Just give me the cookies and send me home !! But the shirt sounds cute . I want to do some fiber transfers as it has been a long time and I do not think I remember how ,something to do with freezer paper???!!!