Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a quiet move forward...invite others to come in and stay awhile...

I am watching the Bravo's Work of Art/ Next great Artist finale of this reality based... series about creative people ...their journey... their obstacles... their friendships and the final gallery presentation at the world famous Brooklyn Museum. The subway exits right at the mouth of the museum...the possibilities are exciting and the final auctioneer of one of the new artist's work...a true accomplishment and reward for the hard lonely work. New York seems like another planet when I think about it but I realize how very fortunate I am ...where I am. It is terrifying to watch the placement of their processes , the disappointments in the breakage of intrigal parts of the exhibition. Fear radiates between anxiousness and excitement as the time clicks closer to the opening night...Abdi 's sculptures in the beauty of humanity with Religion and contemporary icons ...Miles black and white development of photographs at a White Castle restaurant in the midst of winter... and Perrigin's Fair atmosphere with wax sculptures and photographs with childhood memories reflected in her space. Conceptual and expressive mark comment of the poor homeless man who later died by freezing to death outside in the winter's ravages...a layer of separation in society's of the outstretched bodies with the sketchbook a prelude ...state of grace...prayerful mark making....Then Perrigin's carnival and country fair and the discussion of and death and innocence. The critics and judges evaluating the abstraction of Miles photographs...Abdi's magic touch and spiritual quality ...and the power and beauty of Perrigin's worldly spiritual journey of contrasting the simple innocence against the sometimes distracted perspectives found and experienced at a carnival. I cried for the young Miles when he was told he did not win and thrilled for Abdi's announcement and totally saddened when Perrigin's voice cracked at her disappointment. It has been a ride to say the least so if you get a chance to see the repeats of this series. It does make you think!

I attended an ice cream social retirement party after work at our beautiful library. Steve Hawk has created an environment where all and I do mean all are invited to come and relax and read ...and even be cool in this drastic heatwave. In my eyes Steve is so young to be retiring ...he is a man of vitality and vigor. His beautiful wife Connie is encouraging him to pursue his photography with some classes in the exploration in the amazing digital techniques and explorations. He already has a very discriminating eye for composition and lighting. I wish you the very best my dear man.

I did hit my Goodwills for the senior 25 % discount and found a couple of great finds. I will photograph them tomorrow and share the delightful joy I have discovered on a penny's budget. Now I am heading to bed. I worked on my mannequin today with a second coat of gesso so I can start my collage process real soon. Power is out all around me because of storms this afternoon and the humidity is like wearing a heavy wet blanket in 90 degree heat. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. The humidity is bad around here, too. It's difficult for me to breathe and I have good lungs. Take care of yourself. :)Bea

  2. Looking forward to seeing your finds! Take care!

  3. Oh! I missed it!!!! Thanks for letting me know the ending! I thrileld that Abdi won, I knew in the end his full artistic spirit would come out and shine!!!!!

  4. Fab review of Next Great Artist ... you expressed it all so beautifully Mary Helen!
    I will miss that show ... I tried the whacky and fun Hair Design show on Oxygen channel I believe ... name escapes me ... fun and quirky