Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it Wednesday already?

I got my vendor's license today and then headed to the studio to ready my space for the two artists coming in. Abby and Zoe had arrived with the need to stitch with their tiny hands and add buttons and sew on the silk photo transfer. They stamped their names and added the sparkles of cupcakes and a bright pink "SISTERS". Then Abby told me she needed to make a beaver just never know what kind of art is going to walk into the gallery...we thought for a moment and then I ran to my car for brown craft paper and with Abby's directive I cut out a life size beaver....Abby adjusted the directions to round out the ears and we were on our way. I felt sad for Zoe because she had had a nightmare the evening before and very little sleep so she worked especially hard to complete her vision. We ended up with several artists stopping by to share their drawings and talk for a short time about their works and mark making skills. Abby was like a sponge soaking up all the stimulation and sharing her works with them...she felt so empowered. Zoe had gone to see Mom and Grandma for another snack and a quick run around the block. Stephanie gave me several ideas for some marketing avenues I had not thoroughly considered. They left around 3:30 and i sorted through our remnants and cleaned up our space. What a glorious day!

I am watching Man Shops Globe with Bravo's TV series and tonight they were traveling in the Middle East in Syria. Copper pans and rugs, canteen worked into vases, spices arranged with precise care and selections to taste. The glassblowing factory was an experience for delightful colors, sizes and shapes. A globe of hot molten glass shaped into a magical cup without temperature controls and furnace controls. The glass chandeliers were is every color and we will soon see them in the Anthropology catalogs for Fall. In laid furniture with quilt like mosaics and a refreshed application of stains...whew I feel as if for 30 minutes I have gone to Syria and witness a multitude of artisans sharing their processes. i learned what a hammam ritual tea and hot saunas with glorious cathedral light flowing in from the sky above.... a sacred hold place foreign to any experience I have ever had. Persian pottery masterpieces were selected and arranged into possible tables for serving and decorative design elements. The ceramics were like something I have never seen before. I would love to have some tiles just for inspiration!

We had bacon-egg-tomato-spinach on a whole grain toast for supper which we ate in legs were tired but my mind was on a spin of ideas. Have a wonderful evening and I will prepare to address some brochures to advertise the Fall line up for our Midland Theater for Kathleen. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen ...aka ART Lady


  1. Hi Mary-Helen,
    Thank you for your lovely comments and what a joy to discover your art and voice throughout your blog. Your journals and quilt work are so expressive and your multi-media work and activities are totally inspiring! I look forward to many return visits!

  2. OK, I'm looking at the photos, is your studio space part of something else? And, is that the grandmother and mom with the girls? And, who's arm is in a sling? What was the mask for?
    You ate in bed! Brave woman. Murphy would be all over me, in a minute, trying to share dinner with me. lol :)Bea

  3. Oh, this just looks like pure fun!

  4. It's so great to see the kids just dig in and make something so beautiful.
    Yummy supper it seems to me! xox Corrine