Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jake the Snake...

We had a terrible storm this afternoon with over 60 mile an hour winds and torrential rains. Power is in and out and the computer is dancing from one universe to the twilight zone universe. This will be a short post because I am not sure how much time I have for a valid connection. I worked in the studio!
I made dinner for my daughters and their families...chicken and noodles....comfort food made just for Love!
I bought two interesting file like....artificial wood painted black and red... cabinets and another metal sculptural woman's figure. to use a a mannequin for designs for clothing and industrial jewelry.
Then I came home tired..and weary... to find we had a new family member....Jake the black snake living and evidently eating someone or something on my front porch. Snakes are good...snakes are good ....snakes are good but they still unravel my equilibrium. I hope you are all safe...this hot, humid weather is rocking our environment and our little community. Short but sweet....I hope this post will post....humorous little rhyme but so true. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. That is one seriously wiggly snake! We have had a lot of hot and humid weather, but oddly, not much in the way of storms. That is pretty weird for around here. I would like a good storm here and there. I've always enjoyed them! Particularly at night when I don't have to drive through them!

  2. OH MAN!!! That is SOME SNAKE!!! I would have been running screaming in cirles!!!
    We had two horrible storms yesterday---the first took out the phone; it's back but so much static on and off it's hard to talk. The second was in the evening and was bad but after the systen headed toward Ohio, some of the cells went tornadic.
    I have never seen a summer like this.
    The snake is starting to look GOOD! LOL!!!


  3. I came by your blog to see your Project 2010 Dress and found this snake instead! Snakes really are good, and keep rodents at bay. Some, like this little guy, are "harmless," too. Of course, after saying that, I suppose I wouldn't want one living under my porch or deck.

    You should come join us for Tea Tuesday sometime (saw your Tuesday post). We would love to have you.

    Hope by now your internet connection is stable. I would GLADLY take a storm. It would at least cool things down a bit here in the overheated middle of the country.

  4. I name things, yes I do.
    I wouldn't name it, I'm not a fool.
    You name a snake and it will move right in
    and make a home in your house trash bin.
    I name things, like houses and dogs
    but to name a
    snake wouldn't do at all.

    Ok, maybe not my best poem but sent from the heart and as far away from that snake as possible. :)Bea

  5. Snakes might be good, Mary Helen, but they freak me out and I would of panicked if I saw that on my!!

  6. Snakes ARE good OUTSIDE and far away from me heehee. Great photos Mary Helen ... I do so enjoy nature ... some of it from a preferred distance however ;)
    I have a friend so afraid of snakes, she does not want to say THE word and calls them "tubulars" ... I always giggle about that!
    Happy Summer Daze

  7. Jake looks like he's a bit "kinky"! Had one in my bedroom window one time! I refused to take up a new room mate, so he had to go! They give me the willies!