Friday, August 13, 2010

What didn't I forget peanut butter sandwich for lunch

I went back to sleep this morning when Ken left very early to go over to Columbus. I woke up around eleven ... Yikes ...I took a very quick shower and made a hasty tasty lunch and packed my car once more with "art Stuff" and headed down to the studio and got caught in the Mopar hot rod convention...remember 10,000 visitors to our lovely Licking County! Priscilla came down to the studio with wonderful recycling treasures from her job's cast offs and our minds were racing with ideas to transform them. In my harried exit of the house ...I totally forgot my camera. I felt lost and naked without it....Priscilla sorted her totally incredible photographs and I encouraged her to bring her "Paper Moon Productions" down to the studio the week before Halloween to stage a photo shoot for families!!! She is an amazing photographer and her digital skills are magical...all for ten dollars... a frame able 5x7 and a dvd for future family gifts and holiday gifts. We have so much planned and I will have a workstation where the children can make a Halloween card while they wait for their turn in line. I think I should have pumpkin cookies to treat my little goblins after they sit and smile for the "birdie". Priscilla and I had a lot of catching up to do and the precious hours seem to fly by. At five o clock I headed out the door with fresh tomatoes to make a marinara sauce for tonight's dinner and movie night at the Stewart's. We watched "An Education" ...a foreign film I think and all about the lessons a young innocent girl sometimes learn in the lessons of Love for the first time. We were going back downtown for an opening but with the parking limitations and the hot rod parade we both decided we were ready to stay in and just be cool in our home. Where did the week go? The time seems to fly by and work takes longer than I had planned...oh but am I having FUN! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I met a young man today and we worked together with the mannequin collage...he made a robot from the Invention Lab and came back to share his glorious designs. His mother will hopefully send my a photo so I can share our JOY!


  1. I just finished a book and one of the quotes from a character was "What is first love but the love that breaks your heart. After all that is what first love is for."
    Sounds like you have some wonderful plans for Fall. WHooooohoooo! :)Bea

  2. SO glad you are having fun Mary Helen!

    going out without my camera feels the same as forgetting to put on earrings to me ... naked ;)

    great pics! the studio looks wonderful