Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water toys are next for watercolor Thursdays...

Marilyn had two delightful students today and I enjoyed working side by side with these young spirits. Michelle finished her pencil sketch of a loving retriever; a paid commission. It is wonderful and now Michelle is willing to teach a drawing class in the near future. WooooHoooo! That would be fantastic because I learn just by watching this young woman working. Then I witnessed Michelle's childlike delight in platyng with her new set of Yarka...those Russian watercolors that hold incredible pigment in them and it was like being back in a grade school classroom where there are no holds barred. After about one hour she moved to her newly found love of acrylics and she created from her minds eye a lazy river afternoon in the autumn. Marilyn outlined her lessons like a pro and gave them their homework assignments...yes wonderful play with into wet into wet sky! Del Gutridge surprised us with his gentle smile and soft encouragement. Del is a wealth of Art history with his years of the Cleveland Museum and we are so lucky to have him supporting the LCA spirit. Thank you for your every kindness!
I left 10 minutes early to go to Sharonbrooke and meet with my outreach client and her support staff. Unfortunately she was not back from her treatment so I met with Amy to get the needed information to give her a supportive play session. The I caught up with some of the people I met a few weeks back at the first outreach. It was coffee and homemade cookies break while I was there and the staff worked to the room to ensure everyone had a delicious snack. I will begin working on Mondays and Wednesdays to give them the best painting experience and still not overwhelm the patient in Hospice care. The staff was assuring me we would be fine and they would monitor her because I was a little apprehensive about wearing her down though they assured me that she can hardly wait. While there I was there I heard wonderful news about Mary Woodward's class experiences...we are not surprised are we? Mary is the best and appears to be blossoming in her COTC classes. I went to gather some new art supplies ; like the first day of school: and I plan to make a happy little painting bag for my patient so we can have everything at hand for this new adventure. Did I mention that my new friend is just a little bit older than me? Gentle reminder of our mortality? I will see you all tomorrow for the high school class opening because I have to photograph my finished disintegration project. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Thanks so much Mary for taking on this spiritual journey. I know Brenda will be in the best of hands, and you will bring a little sunshine into her life.


  2. You are an inspiring person, you encourage those around you to grow beyond their experiences. Thank you, I am blessed to have you in my life.