Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The soul speaks in image...Carl Jung

Yesterday was a day for my heart...I spent the whole day discovering the joy a child holds in their hands and if given the opportunity almost always will share with those who dare! It was President's holiday and I was babysitting Maya Rose and Sabrina Leigh. We began the day with morning rituals and a strong cup of coffee for grandma for my stamina. We then went to pay some bills at Dr.Wallace's...a reality check for where the money goes in the real world. Then we went to one of our favorite places if you are a fashion conscious 9 and 7 year old girl... Kohl's! First we pain off Grandma's bill and then explored the after Valentine's half price sales and my extra 20% of coupon. After a successful but thrifty adventure we met Grandpa at the barbecue heaven in Newark...Dickey's! Maya tried a sweet beef sandwich and an ear of corn plus...yes I allowed them to have root beer. Sabrina, still learning to employ her newest permanent teeth tried the sweet barbecue and their homemade macaroni and cheese. For those of you who have never tasted Dickie's delights you can do "Free" refills on pop and Free soft ice cream! We kissed Grandpa goodbye and headed to see the four year in production in animation "Caroline". It is an incredible garden of images and set designs of a small girl who discovers her parallel universe through a secret door. Being an only child is not familiar to my experience but when a child is growing up as a single their imagination blossoms in a million directions. My girls set mesmerized by images on the big screen and haunting screenplay. After the movie we all had more questions so we are looking for the book to decipher some of the secret messages and quiet themes of this unique tale for the young at heart.
I needed to find some paper clay modeling material that will air dry to be painted in our own clay-mation dolls... they each have their own designs in mind and want to start with the heads first... sounds good to me. Great minds thinkon the same page because we ran into Mr. Tony Reynolds and the girls were more than happy to help him select an artsy wind chime for our LCA gallery door. Trust me they had to consumer test almost everyone that is now available and on sale at Hobby Lobby! Let me know if you like the final selection that Tony and my girls made. After a short detour at JoAnn's for 1/2 price remnants for future fashion design gals as we prepare to make our summer ensembles together. Micheal's had a 50% coupon so they help me select a traveling bag complete with three bead sorting/selection boxes so I can travel with my quilt processes and not take up the whole back seat!
The girls and I headed home to make dinner for their parents and little sister who did not get the holiday off... adults have to work when children get to play even if they have to make up snow days this Saturday! Grandpa sliced the beef tenderloin and the onions while Maya and I prepared fresh mushrooms in olive oil and a dash of butter. Then we added a small amount of chopped celery to our vegetable saute while Grandma measured 1 and 1/2 cups of wild whole grain rice and prepared 2 cups of beef broth to cook with the rice and vegetable mixture. Finally we added all ingredients except one final step and simmered the complete meal for about 30 minutes over a low gas flame. The last step was Fresh spinach chopped and added to our complete meal in one pan...ala Maya Rose's watchful eyes. Sabrina gave our small four foot member of the family, Rosie our little dog, complete attention with hugs, rubs and kisses so she would not feel left out. We grabbed our cupcakes and dinner and headed over to the Packard household. Maya is reading this blog and she will report how I did in reporting our wonderful day's activities.
This small ritual celebration of cooking for those we love is an art in its own. Conversations flow and feelings are shared performing mundane tasks to help bring a closeness in family that is immeasurable. Yes I was tired but felt an immense sense of pride and love for my greatest gifts...my family. Soulful cooking is another step to creating a life that hopefully will remain in their heart's memory long after I am gone.
Michelle Chanel is creating another work of art for us all at the LCA. Her directory project is a colossal gift that can only grow as she edits our threads of life together as artists living their vision here in Licking county. You, Michelle, create energy from the heart and be sure to add your life's message by contacting her asap to be a part of this monumental task at hand!!! You rock Michelle and are doing an awesome job! I am watching a series on the Sundance channel about Architecture School and their images and processes are strikingly familiar with our processes and development! Imagine and Live in Peace!!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I think grandma likes taking saving up her quarters and buying us movies that we like. We enjoyed spending the day with grandma and grandpa.

    Maya Rose

  2. I love just being with you anytime, any day Miss Maya. Coraline was an adventure for me to and you two girls are my joys! I have so many experiences to share with you...too many to list...because you are my greatest gifts from God! What shall we try next? You are so loved!!!! Imagine and live in Peace, Grandma Art Lady