Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Renewal ...take a moment to reconnect

I met with Cody Miller from the Art Bridge Studio today to collect his students works and print to be hung tomorrow in the Central Gallery so it will be ready for Lyn Logan Grimes little people to see line, color and composition. We shared an egg salad sandwich and quickly caught up on our Art journeys. I am hoping this will bring people back to Skip's for lunch specials and add a little life to the old space. Chris Lang had lunch with us and knew Cody from the Westerville Art Fair so it was like old home week. He was due to teach a lesson so he had to take off and I needed to get to the post office to check on forwarding my magazines and literature to my home studio.
I then headed out to complete my errands so I could attend the art lecture and power point at Denison. Jude Tallichet was a generous speaker and gave a powerful power point to all who could attend. Being in the college classroom with young artists and historians was exhilarating for me... Dr. Sperling was a great facilitator and before we knew it 90 minutes flew by. I took notes and maybe when I am less tired I will be able to outline her last couple of exhibits, it was humbling to meet this woman who has made choices that will change the world as we knew it. Thank you dear Jude and Joy for your generosity. The interconnectedness ...is this a word? of her processes and inspirations. I am so tired but Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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