Sunday, February 15, 2009

It is a lovely night for a moondance....where is the moon?

This blog was set up by my best friend Mr. Kenneth Allen as a surprise for me on Valentine's Day!!! I did love posting for the LCA on their blog but now I can share my thoughts and wild ideas with a few special friends. The last couple of days have been filled with celebrations openings that begs me to ask "Are you going to finish strong?" Without our dear lovers and supportive artists we would all have a vacuum to create our individual visions and make our own sacred marks.
On Thursday we drove over to the opening reception for "Passing the Torch" exhibition at the Rhodes Tower at 30 East Broad Street in downtown Columbus. Ohio's Senate Minority Whip Ray Miller was our host for the reception and a dear friend Arnett Howard supplied the music and entertainment for the 60 or so Ohio artists who were participating in this celebratory exhibit. I ran into our Newark Muralist Curtist Goldstein and his lovely new wife and a few teachers we both taught with in the past 20 years. Curtis has an oil portrait of a Jazz Sax musician that invites the viewer to come in for a closer inspection. I could almost feel the vibrations from this painting.
On Friday I went in quest to find a certain large canvas in preparation for my exhibits collages next year. I had Ken's big car/truck so I would be able to select larger that usual canvases because the big canvases won't fit in my small Obama Geo. I then went on to visit "Memory Lane's" shop in Downtown Newark to pick a small supply of antique/old really buttons. I am collecting different materials to use in both quilts and assemblages for next year's exhibit. Then Ken I headed downtown to Skip's Deli to have lunch with Mr. Don Gunnerson to catch up on the latest news. While I was there a young woman came in and asked me for directions to our new LCA gallery which I quickly supplied her.
Saturday was Valentine's Day and Ken and I decided to cook for some very dear friends a complete dinner including a beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, fresh spinach and greens salad, and the usual delight a green bean casserole. Ken baked a sweet banana cream pie and I baked red velvet individual cakes topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries and fresh whipped cream... a Valentine's Day dessert treat with a great bottle of Rose wine by Red Guitar from Spain. Needless to say I have been watching my food intake until that night and boy did I blow it!!! Oh well life is short so you might as well eat dessert first!
Today we went over to an opening with 6 incredible artists at the Spectrum exhibit held at the William Thomas Gallery at 1270 Bryden Road in Columbus. We were invited guests of Lynn Logan Grimes and met Michael Fields, Janet D. George and Jenna Sunami. This intimate gallery is like no other and believe it or not I had been there over 20 years ago when I was helping one of my professors from OSU. I got to get reacquainted with a wonderful woman Queen Brooks and we shared our retreat almost 20 years ago. And since we were already in Columbus we stopped by to see our newest grandchild Miss Morgan Elizabeth who turns one month old today. Life is so sooooo good!!! Now I am home in the man cave where I share a computer with Mr. Ken typing my first blog entry to share. I read a quote "Are you going to finish strong?" a few days ago and the truth of the matter is we all have to just "DO It!" to stay on the creative path of discovery. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging...It makes the distance between us seem a lot smaller!

    Rob & Jenn

  2. Trust me I could not do this type of communication with a few "intimate" friends without my dear Ken! Rob and Jenn do you want one of our LCA directories for yourself in Minneapolis as a direct hometown resource? I can get you one in case you hear of any grants that I might apply for and YES i still want to come this summer to work with your kids in a community project! Art saves Lives! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart