Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today I was blessed by the sunshine from the sky...

Ken and I hung the cerebral palsy Art Bridge Studio exhibit in the central gallery at 50 south 2nd Street. The color, line and forms are vibrant and have an energy all their own and to see the smile on Mr. Skip's face (and his whole staff) brought sunshine to my heart. Tomorrow Lyn Logan Grimes has four school groups of small preschool students touring the artworks studio and she will give them a walkabout through the the new exhibit. Our old space is rented and things as far as activity for second street are looking up! WooooHoooo! This is a good thing for everything and everyone involved with keeping the energies flowing. I went in search of non-toxic oils to use when I do my outreach with a special lady at Sharonbrooke. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful and after much thought I decided to work into watercolors and then progress into acrylics. I have found my text and examples; I am working to keep materials to a minimum but still supply everything we might need. I am more than a little nervous but I might be able to help make this beautiful lady's wish come true. All she wants is time making art for just the pleasure of making her marks visible while she is still here.
I made a visit to the Goodwill and scored two Scrabble games to use in the near Future plus a few surprises to play with. I am working on a three dimensional work ...maybe a female form... but too soon to really say. Maybe being with Jude Tallichet and learning about her sculptural process she is influencing me to step out in an uncomfortable design element where I might learn something new about myself. I have this vague image of what I would like to try but the truth is I have no idea how to do it. We will see ...time will tell; but what the heck... what have I got to lose? I have spent the evening working on my slow process of making my marks on my quilt and yes, the time needed to do what I want to see happen is sometimes overwhelming and yet I find my spirit tuning in on my hearts soft murmurs as I take one stitch at a time. I have been following Michelle's sudden and delightful bursts of painting experience...three paintings in three days. With each new work her brushstrokes beckon the viewer to stop and come closer...I wanted to reach out to touch her latest Poppies. Tomorrow I am volunteering in the gallery and will take my disintegration work to share with Marilyn's watercolor class...they were curious to see what the heck I was playing with. Then I have to come home to photograph its placement in the outdoor elements, my special sacred place and just sit back and wait and witness this process. I am loving rust and its irresistible mark producing qualities. Today I was blessed by the sunshine from the sky ... and then by the sunshine from embraces from dear friends. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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