Sunday, February 22, 2009

help ...I am being gobbled up by house chores!!!

It is almost three in the afternoon and I need to get to my important stuff but instead I watched another HBO special about a wonderful photographer, poet, musician and film director. His name is Gordon Parks and many of you will know his name from The Learning Tree; a book we were often encouraged to read when we were still in school. He is also know for his work with Life magazine as a photo journalist during the late 60's and throughout the 70's,80's and 90's. Late in his life he came to understand his quote that stayed with me hours later is that in the end years of his life he has embraced the realization that his camera lens as a weapon is far more powerful than all the violence and armed weapons employed to silence the need to have equality in America. Gordon directed his Learning Tree movie but is far more recognized as the director of "Shaft" and Leadbelly"; the second was not widely promoted but most of us can feel the mesmerizing beat from the theme song from Isaac Hayes. Gordon has had his own human tragedies and losses in his lifetime but his ability to document the human condition found in poverty sears the images in his viewers brain. Be sure to check him out if you find yourself desiring to step out of your comfort zone and seek true American inspiration.
This afternoon I will attempt to learn from a live broadcast/chat with other mixed media artists as we "talk" about centering and finding focus in our daily lives as we try to do it all...sound familiar. Sheri Gaynor is a life coach for the creative artists working all over the globe and is very generous to willing to share her thought processes with others. I received an email from Susie Shie (Click her "link" in my links section.), my lady in white light, who has begun a rather large quilt that she will spend the next month journaling on for the second of her Kitchen Tarot card sets. This quilt top is bright and hopeful and Michelle Obama is the Queen of the paring knifes... I have already asked Susie what does this mean? but in time I am positive we will all be able read the narrative on this intensely personal art work that she will freely share with her viewers and patrons. I am sure to have my white lady of art in my "women's work" exhibit next May. Maybe I will need extra vitamins to keep up with my demands and desires.
The light fluffy snowflakes glistened on Desdemona black fur (my dear 18 year old cat) when she dashed in the back door after doing her business outside; she and Rosie both go to the back door when they need to be relieved. Now they are resting at my feet reminding me to get back to work and on task. Their task is to take refuge under my latest quilt as I embellish the top half while they rest under the bottom half. I suppose I should give them recognition when I publish the newest works. Enjoy the quiet of our Sunday afternoons and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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