Friday, February 20, 2009

The hospital that cares....really???

I spent the day over in Columbus to get my update with the Lupus research center, my first renewed visit in two years. Yes, they do help by renewing my prescriptions with a phone call but I asked the doctor why no one called me in over two years to check how I was coping? Last year was a complicated series of health interruptions and serious brain inflammations, three aneurysms and three surgical procedures to coil and add a stint into my brain. Somehow as a person I got lost in the thousands of other patients visiting the hospital. Once again my doctor assured me that this is the hospital that cares but I quickly reminded him they only called me to inquire when my huge bills would be paid in full. We ended up with a smile when the doctor said to tell the bill collectors would be paid in the "Bail Out" program. After copious paperwork to ask for financial assistance (kind of embarrassing and rough on my spirit )and numerous blood tests to collect data for my next visit in ...August! Do you ever feel like a number in a computer file???
Ken and I went to the cheesecake factory to use a two year old gift from Christmas 2007 and have a delicious lunch with one another. "Time out from reality" is always a great method to put the uncomfortable reality of medical bills behind you. (Denial is more that a river in Africa) We then went over to visit our grandchildren Cole, almost 2 and Morgan Elizabeth who is 4 weeks old. We gave Mom a chance to get a shower and a moment of solitude while be spoiled the greatest joys in the whole world...out sweet babies. They give me such joy and hope so I want to continue fighting to BE here in the present to share their delightful spirits. Our daughter is the most wonderful mother who has the heart of a courageous lioness for her family. Our lovely daughter is so beautiful when I witness her as a grown woman. I realize I am prejudiced but our Erin is a loving mother who radiates serenity when she cuddles with her precious cargo. Young families need all the encouragement and support we can give them as they make each day a gift to the young minds and spirits of dear children. Needless to say Grandpa and I passed the baby back and forth and little Cole WON his game with Grandpa on the Wii TV. Thank you Erin and Chance for bringing so much Joy to our hearts and I am always ready to see where they will grow and go in Life. Unfortunately Cole had to take a nap before we could get our kinetic art exercises and paint a Masterpiece for the refrigerator. Life is one blessing after another.
I picked up the "Artful Blogging" magazine to research how I can grow and share my deepest desires, visions, and playtime with other like minded artists who understand the process of being an artist is the journey we can share with total understanding. I feel a connection that is evolving into another synergized design element in making my life. There is a sense of safety and unity as I join in with a dialogue that heals my soul and yet we may never get to meet one another in person. (even though I never rule out an artful rendezvous in the future with these generous persons who share their visions.)
I volunteered at the LCA gallery yesterday and one table was led by the wonderful inspiring lesson plans of Marilyn Stocker and four of her beginning watercolor students. At my table, I "played" on my project with watercolors for Seth's (another blogger extraordinaire) "disintegration" collaborative process with artists from all over, you only have to risk to dream and share your dream with others and show your evidence on your individual blog on May 1st. I keep attempting to add just one more detail before I hang it outside my backdoor in Mother Nature's elements to witness her collaboration. So I had better get going so I can finish and photograph my bundle of elements to put out into the elements in the woods around my home. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what your bund;e ends up looking like!