Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday is catch up day....where does the week go so quickly?

I do remember my mother saying time just flew by faster with each coming year and now I honestly understand.  Friday we had wonderful visitors in my studio with recommendations for possible Zanesville exhibition coming up.  She also asked if she could pass my information onto a gallery exhibit in Fort never know what will become of a kind supportive word.  I went home and felt very tired with an oncoming cold and went to bed by 8 pm.  I woke up late but went downtown to try my hand at lampwork beads...Sean Everett was extremely patient but my brain could not get a handle on turning the mandrel and the tube of glass in the torch light simultaneously.  I respect the work of glass artists ever so much more now.  Afterwards I watched young people make their own hand blown pumpkins...Larry Tuber was a great instructor and the works looked a lot better than my small beads. 

I then went over to Myers and Pugh to see my glass artist friend Jenny Pitts.  She makes beautiful hand  made glass beads and pendants for jewelry necklaces and bracelets.  I always enjoy visiting this wonderful space...the beads are magic and the staff for Mike and Kevin make everyone feels so welcomed!  I went to JoAnn's for their special sale and found some great batik fabrics and 99cents Simplicity patterns...I know how to enjoy the coming of a new season!  I stopped by Michaels and received some incredible scraps for my family night art sessions.  I shared some of my projects with them and we talked about using paper clay air dry clay for a planned angel project.  If I worked here I would be in serious spare cash ever! 

 Sean Everett is our visiting glass artist at The Works right now.

 Larry Tuber is our glass master teaching these young ladies to make their pumpkins...
 Jenny Pitts shares her beautiful wares for this Fall visit!
 There is something for everyone!!!
But three and get one free and it is Made in America!
 Jenny's work station...
 A young new collector....gets a new bracelet.
Jenny is a kind giving artist.
 Olo giving me a sweet kiss...he is one of the four canine officers for the county!!!

 His master loves his job with Olo!
 He is such a beautiful, loyal animal!
 Cindy ask a very important question about his diet and ongoing training.
 "Yes I am the star today"....that is what his smile seems to say!
 Two very supportive visitors came in and shared their comments and support with me.  I hope to see them soon!
 Grandma brought her small artist in for a peak!

Curiosity ... I just want to touch and play here!
I am ready to get back to work now but I hope you all have enjoyed this beautiful weekend!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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