Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a rough night in our home last night....

My words are difficult to find...at least the right words  to use.  Last night Ken's mother's heart stopped and we were prepared in knowing she may not make it through the night.  Elizabeth needed a pacemaker but there was uncertainty if she would survive the night much less the surgical procedure.  Today she is weak and fragile but she did well and now has a new pacemaker.  The phone tag messages have reflected back and forth from Indiana ...and now we both want to say thank you and try to get some sleep.  It is never easy to even know what to pray for when our parents are become fragile beings.  At almost 93 Elizabeth has raised 9 wonderful children and lived in a good marriage with Marshall for over 50 years until he passed with prostate cancer in 1993.  Elizabeth is a truly remarkable woman ...I pray that God will keep his eyes on the sparrow and hold her tenderly in the palm of his hand.

I went to the studio and enjoyed the quiet while I made one deliberate stitch by hand...one by one these simple actions with colored floss seemed to soothe my soul.  My work holds the secret to making peace of life's many ups and downs.  Art Saves lives.  The patrons in the deli and the central gallery seemed to pass without disturbance ...and I found my quiet space to be redeeming grace.I have been so blessed in my life here.

I went to Michael's to keep myself busy and ran into another sweet face from my past.  She is a graduate from Columbus School of Art and Design and now spends her energy with a passion for educating the community about magnificent animals...wolf hybrids.  Her photography is just one manner in which she shares her visions with others.  Her beautiful wolf dog is Lucien.  He is quite regal and very tall with enormous feet.  His long legs are for running and hunting with his pack.  His golden eyes are mesmerizing and difficult to take my gaze off his face.  Primordial strength and yet a very gentle manner in which he leans into my body as I give him a gentle massage and scratch behind his ears.  I was even blessed to hear him give a howl...when he is urged by his mistress.  I hope to see them both again and hopefully will introduce the unique photographs to the central gallery.

continued quiet stitches ....before I add the embellishments
 the journey and mapping continues...I always want to start on the beading but after years of practice I realize this is like a special dessert topping ....touchable design elements to mark the map...

 Whooooo made a silly card for the Harvest ???

 Lucien is a large gentle giant...a wolf hybrid living in a human pack....my photos do not do him justice...
 I met this young woman when she attended Newark Catholic and she has been graduated from CCAD for two years now...
Lucien is quite a lover!!

I am going to take a long hot shower and hit the bed early tonight.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. My prayers and thoughts are with your family and you. Joy is there even in trying times, we must only look.....you certainly found that to be the case. Much joy, Oma Linda

  2. I know your concern well, and your lack of knowing for what to pray. Last night was hard here too, another of string of hospitalization for my Father, age 95 next month with recurring acute episodes of congestive heart failure. I simply pray for him not to suffer. Thank you for the inspiration, your stitching exudes peace and acceptance.

  3. Oh my, My heart goes out to you. I'm glad that you have the comfort of your art to sooth you through these times. I understand what you mean about what to pray for and agree with Barbara...pray for no suffering. You and yours with be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Years ago when I worked at a Humane Society in Illinois where it was illegal to have a wolf OR a hybrid, we had a beautiful "Husky Mix" :D

  4. Thank you for the prayers and advice....Mom seems to be comfortable today. Yes these beautiful creatures need to be in the right homes...they are so magnificent to behold and I feel Lucien is one of my guardians...Latin for wolf is Lupus. Peace be with us all. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Oh Mary Helen, it's never easy even when our parents reach that ripe old age, it just means we have had so much time with them that they are somehow ever more precious. Prayers and thoughts are with you. xox