Monday, October 22, 2012

my sunny Monday with warm gentle winds and a visit from a great friend...

 I have a few more buttons to photograph...
 Halloween cards are just plain fun... nothing scary here just happy spooky little goblins....

I am afraid that the leaves are falling too quickly...maybe the dry summer....
I guess I should have watched the final debate....but I did not.  I chose to watch The Descendants..a movie on HBO with the revelation of of the passages in grief when a family says goodbye to a wife and mother.  I have already voted...and I will watch on the you-tube replays when I am more  ...well more interested.  I needed to be quiet....calm....and continue my journey in my quilt's Australia chain stitches.  I then sorted the final chosen beads for embellishments never know ...I may continue to find natural colors that reflect the spirit in this story unfolding.

I have had a good day in the studio.  Tomorrow I have another visit to the hospital for further tests and a specialist on duty to evaluate my progression.  Sandy stopped by and we shared her 40th wedding celebration over the weekend...she and Tim are still living a life of vibrancy.  We had lunch and she shared her interest in coming to the open studio with Lynn Logan Grimes.  I am hoping she will put this time on her calendar and I shared the beginnings of my felted piece I began last Thursday.  I now find myself on the lookout for evidence of real wools in thrift stores.  I have a quite bulky sweater that I want to dye a better color...just about any color would be a better color but this sweater does have great big cables and ribbing I want to use on my snowmen project.

After my salad for lunch I continued my Halloween cards production.  I now think I have enough available so drop by if you need a special card.  I am now able to move forward with my additional painting on the lower third of the quilt.  YES I do know I did this ass backwards ... but I do feel able to work slowly and cautiously I can add another dimension of botanical effects to this landscape.  I have Ruth Stonely's (my Australian quilting friend in Brisbane) "kangaroo paws"  fabric incorporated in the end of this work.  I learned that she has passed and it seems fitting that she is included spiritually on my memory journey.

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the beauty in the colors of Fall ....Imagine and Live in Peace,   Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What is it about buttons that makes me giddy? I swear, there has to be a 12 step program somewhere just for me. :)) I hope you're feeling well - love your Halloween cards! Take care and thank you for visiting me. xoxo!

  2. Buttons make me smile and dance to my own song! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen

  3. I watched the final really didn't miss much. :D
    I know who I'm voting for and I doubt that much could change my mind.
    I loved that movie! George Clooney did a great job, love him and he's always nice to look at.
    I hope you get good news concerning your health tests!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
    xoxo - Cindi