Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Sandy...pray for those in the line of fire...

Today was a damp, cold Monday and I needed to see the "Simple Truths" video ...share your joy!   We can all make choices ...and those choices are ours alone.  I did make a call to Dawes Arboretum to check if they were able to retrieve my Whispers in the Trees fiber art installation.  Unfortunately Laura was on vacation and her secretary did not come in today.  With the high winds and cold sleeting rain ...I can only hope they will survive this next atmospheric storm.  To be honest the winds will prohibit anyone from retrieving the ones up in the higest trees but hopefully by Thursday and Friday we might be able to get the majority of them.

I had lunch with a dear friend...she was in such a good mood and not in pain so I enjoyed her bubbly spirit.  She picked out a funny Halloween card for her husband...he loves everything about Halloween!  I then went back to the studio to pack up and sort my supplies for next year's spookiest celebration.  I have already picked up new supplies for next year at a half price seems when I compare the prices from last year there has been a noticeable increase.  I need to complete the "haunted house" to be given away on Wednesday night...more spooky characters and a bit more glitter.

The winds were really blowing when I left the studio and decided to go and get something comforting for our dinner.  I also found a delightfully fun surprise for the kids.  I retrieved a life size Frankenstein ...and his beautiful Bride of Frankenstein cardboard cutouts that were about to be thrown into the recycling dumpster.  What a better way to recycle than to make a bunch of little ones HAPPY with a photo opportunity for all to enjoy!  These evenings are free ...with the parents feeding the little ones for $2.00 and we have candy bags and a parade indoors...avoiding the cold wintery winds.  I have glitter paints in green and glitter gold to paint the pumpkins ...and then we can add details for their individual interpretation!

 the last....I think for now...2012 Halloween card.... I have a lot of fun making these individual but often silly cards....

candy candy candy!!!!

 the surface of my work table is slowly changing.... I just cannot stop some days.... paper and punches ...watercolors... buttons and alphabet letters!

Life just does not get better!
 I think I do have enough vibrant orange ribbons for next year....BOO!
Halloween socks for new spooks... test tubes to fill with whatever....Martha Stewart just gets wealthier each season.... even some Halloween jingle bells!

another pile of stuff ....candy bags for Wednesday night...socks... ghosts cut outs.... tees and a vibrant scarf to fight off the 60 mph winds!   Spooky!
I did spend more time sorting than I had planned but it will be easier to locate my design elements next season.  I am working on my own Holiday bazaar ...affordable gifts to treat each and everyone on your gift exchange list and they will all be made locally.  I have been making a list...and checking it twice so stay tuned for small previews of handmade JOYS!   Be safe and say a prayer for those in the middle of this historical hurricane....I have friends in New York, a brother in Philadelphia, artists in Virginia and North Carolina.  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Say a prayer for all those who in the line of this storm...those who have already lost their power...experiencing the floods... and just waiting for the next couple of days to calm down.  The images from space of this storm are truly out of this world!!!!

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  1. We are okay and made it through just fine but so many did not....I am slowly hearing fromfriends who are okay, thankfully. Fun Halloween makings...xox