Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a cold Tuesday morning...but we still have our trees and power...

The pups got me up early to go outside...and with one second of the door opened I knew I needed my long winter woolen coat ...and gloves.  I stepped on the back step ...and began slipping...the steps were covered in an icy glaze!!!  Careful stepping...and mission accomplished we rushed back into the warmth of our cabin.  The wind kept us all up for most of the night and twigs kept hitting the window screens causing the little dogs to squirm with anticipation.  I slowly enjoyed a hot mug of steaming coffee and found myself mesmerized by the results of last night's flooding, fires, destruction of beautiful beaches  and landmarks that are no longer here on earth.  I have attempted to make contact with my friends living in Manhattan and my brother and his families living in Philadelphia.  It will take quite awhile to heal these mortal wounds ...lost homes...lost dreams and displaced families.  My heart felt weary because there is not a lot we can do except donate to Red Cross.

I called the Dawes Arboretum today and failed to find out if any of my fiber panels had been retrieved before the high winds hit the limbs of some very tired trees.  I think if the weather man is correct if will be warm enough to go on Thursday or Friday to get as many down so I can wash and proceed to the next processes.  Laura is on vacation but if we have an early winter approaching...it would be more pleasant to get them down while it is still warm.  Wish me luck!

 Frankie and his beautiful bride....
 That is me ...scary because I am not in my costume... where are my pumpkins?
 Now this is a beautiful specimen of an Ohio Fall pumpkin.... ready to paint and decorate any way you wish....  Thank you Pigeon Roost Pumpkin Farms!!!!  The children are going to be so happy!!!
 No Dad...I do not wish to take a nap...not now...not later!
 Now I have to set the spooky stage...get the pumpkins...the paints...the glitter...the stickers...the candy bags... and of course the camera!
Frankie looks like he is ready to do the Monster Mash!
 No I was mistaken.... he is very shy guy!
 Now his bride on the other hand is ready to rock and roll.... NOW....
 this is a very fine selection of Fall pumpkins...
 Thank you Jay for washing each and everyone of these pumpkins...you did a great job!!!  The children will appreciate your hard work!
 Time to get some more art supplies.... more Halloween stickers please!

This is part of my costume....plus my beautiful green cowboy boots!!!!
I brought in my photographic friends...Frankenstein and his Bride of Frankenstein.  The winds made this task a bit tricky...and I think very amusing to the bystanders watching me carry them inside .  It was a wild Halloween Kite ride....whew I thought I was going to be a modern day Mary Poppins!  Marco retrieved the donated pumpkins from Pigeon Roost Pumpkin Farm ...each child will have a very nice pumpkin of their very own to paint.  We will have a small parade indoors for all of those in costume and have a drawing for haunted house and receive a Halloween Treat bag from all of us at The Grill Deli!  I also went to get a few more pumpkin stickers ...you can never have enough stickers when it comes to decorating your own pumpkin!  Stay safe and warm...be aware there are little things each one of us can to to reach out ...Red Cross waiting for your call.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. hey if you are in the neighborhood ...drop by for some old fashioned Halloween Fun...everyone is a child on Halloween! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Wacky wether everywhere. We had a wild thunderstorm last night here, like an exclamation point on the whole thing. It will be a long time before anyone gets back to day to day with all the destruction...stay safe and NO slipping. xox

  3. Happy Halloween!
    My thoughts and prayers are going out to all those dealing with Frankenstorm.
    xoxo - Cindi