Tuesday, December 13, 2011

time is limited....

I am not sure how much time I actually have tonight...our connection keeps shutting down for no reason at all...at least we have no clue. Ken is exhausted and already in bed so I am on my own for tonight so cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Saturday morning Ken and I met the mother 's group with their little spirits for a breakfast and story with Santa. The eyes were wide and excitement filled the whole house. I wore my red/green plaid apron, my hair on my head and I wore my large jingle bell. Little Cooper said Mrs. Claus had arrived with Santa....whoopee! The story was a new one for me..."A Bird's Nest in Santa 's Beard" and the children were totally enthralled with the story and listen intently to Santa's deep gentle voice. Then there were necklaces to create for festive parties and finally the sugar cookies appeared with tons of sprinkles and flavors like peppermint and reds and greens. Yes there were some plastic knives licked when no one was watching ...they thought but it was clear for the licking. Then when I went home I headed down to the studio for a couple hours of work and Christmas Carols. i visited the jewelers next door to say hello to Jennifer who made the beautiful anniversary gift from Ken...her lamp work beads are highly collectible and I bought myself a chubby snowman to wear for future decades with my grandchildren.

Sunday we lost the connection over and over again ...and I spent the day in my penguin fleece pajamas and caught up on my laundry, made a delicious pot roast , worked on my sketches of pet portraits ...1 down and 4 to go . I heard from a very dear friend who now lives in Tucson and we talked for way over an hour and there is no better surprise. I usually do not like to talk on the phone...but I have missed my sacred sister and the phone lines felt like she was sitting right beside me once again over a cup of hot chocolate. There is nothing like a call from a dear friend to warm one's heart on a cold winter's night.

Today I brought up in our small and delicate Norfolk Evergreen and put on the bright red Christmas tablecloth and set the evergreen place settings with the red napkins. I am hoping to hang the delicate ornaments onto the tree in the middle of our dining room table. In the cabin there is a sense of charm...simplicity ... and anticipation of what the next 12 days will bring. I am beginning to pack tonight for my flight down to Charlotte for Amber's graduation from Law School and my first weekend with her precious baby Mason. I hope you all have a great week in your studios...I am watching Elf again with the kids tomorrow. Believe! Peace, Mary Helen


  1. I think my connection is still having a fl bug...I will post more tomorrow. Blessings to you all for your patience. Peace, Mary Helen

  2. How frustrating, Mary Helen...I hate when that happens. What a group of adorable kids! I miss my little guys, but I do talk to them most every day...my daughter calls me several times a day...she's ready to have this baby, but I told her little baby Zoe needs to stay in the oven longer, even though she's making her mother miserable!! How well I still remember!! OY!!

    Have a great week and congrats on your daughter's graduation.


  3. I'm sorry your connection is not playing nicely with you :-( But your lovely photos of the children and description of the festivities sound wonderful. It really put me in a holiday spirit! Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  4. I love all the polka dots and black and white outfits.

  5. You are just one big kid at heart. Internet is playing scrooge, shall we banish him! xox Corrine