Friday, December 9, 2011

I believe.... and Happy Birthday my sweet Erin

Today I wore an apron from the 1970s ...I think it was an Avon product and I added a large jingle bell and wrap my unruly wild hair on top of my head in a makeshift topknot. The apron is red/green/black and rather simple in design but ...somehow I am transported back to the 70s and baking cookies in my small yellow kitchen on Greenwood Avenue in Akron. Everywhere I turned ...I received a smile and sometimes a wink. A small child tugged at my sleeve and whispered in my ear....Are you Mrs. Claus? I smiled and put my finger to my lips and said shhhhh. The adults around me smiled in unison and the little one skipped off with the biggest secret of her little life. Blessings and miracles ....just open your heart and believe.

Tonight I went to The Midland after a long day in my studio... I decided to drive through Wendy's for a quick cup of hot coffee before I arrived at the Midland for The Polar Express. When I got to the window...the young cashier said my coffee was free tonight ....she has giggled at my Mrs. Claus clothing. Tonight's movie had a special gift ...a guest visitor from way up North...North Pole that is! The little ones lined up to go up on stage and have their private time with the jolly old elf himself. Then the elf assistant would present each child with a silver jingle bell. Magic was in the room and a small five year old boy came over and asked me if I was Mrs. Claus??? I told you magic was in the room and I put my finger to my lips and smiled. Conner became my steadfast friend. As the theater was emptying each child received a peppermint candy cane and I received a few more hugs. I am the luckiest artist tonight in my town. Believe and Blessings will follow. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

As I was walking to my car the snowflakes began to fall softly from the sky that was lit once again by our beautiful courthouse in reds, golds and greens. Christmas carols filled the air and I made a dash home before the roads were too icy. Blessings.

That big old burger was my lunch and dinner and made especially for me by my dear friend Cindy! You can have one too if you stop by The Grill Deli!!! YUM>


  1. What a lovely story. A very special day for sure- and love that you've been a true Mrs Claus. What a wonderful apron that you were sporting as well!! Happy Holidays.

  2. Hey Mrs. Clause, keep it up will you, we need believers in this world. xox Corrine